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Subject: DNA Trike Rear end ( Softail)
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S/E Qld
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25 Oct 2011 8:36 AM  

Anyone got any experience with these or DNA products?  Thinking about another project using an old Heritage as a donor bike and mating the rear end to it.  Will set it up as a single seat with a wooden tray.

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25 Oct 2011 3:32 PM  



Howdy Evo ,

I used to build custom vehicles including a lot of trikes long ago , using Ford Escort diffs with narrowed housings and resplined axles , later on I used 8 inch ford diffs , I made new swingarms that attached to the axle housing , new spider gear housings to accept the Harley sprockets etc for FL and Softails, the problem with a live axle like the DNA and original servi-car rear end is the constant throwing of the frame from side to side on uneven or pot hole roads etc .

Not my cup of tea but the introduction of V-Dub trikes addressed that problem with their independent suspension , the engineers and the RTA loved em . I was building a V6 Chevy , Turbo 350 trike with a S series Jag rear , when the 450 Kilo weight rule was brought in by the NSW RTA and that killed my enthusiasm for the project , even though I was working with the RTA and working on the introduction of the new 929 rules concerning the light vehicle code here in NSW .

Your enquiring about the DNA , I dont know anything about em except what I've read about in the past , which is thay are virtually a direct bolt in kit on softails or FL's etc , I like the look of em .........a lot have been built in the states , people over there must like em , I dont know of anyone out here that has one.

My diffs used to be 40 inches flange to flange ,and with 15 x 10 Centrelines and Mickey Thompson 29 x 15's , a softail trike would ride pretty good with the tyre pressure's down low around 12 to 15 pound .....any higher and the bike would get thrown around too much

one of the last ones I had done , I adapted Commodore rear dIsc's and calipers to the Ford rear allowing the use of the hidden Commodore internal drum handbrake assembly

..................I'm a lazy , laid back , retired bum now , and if I was ever to do another build in that direction .....I like the look of simplicity with the original servi-car rear of which the DNA would fill the bill


Oh Yeah Evo , ..........I havnt forgot your past generocity , I owe you a couple of drinkies , when we catch up next



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25 Oct 2011 7:11 PM  
evo have you seen the frankenstein trike rear end bloke in maitland has one i think its on a dyna was looking at it some time ago and it looked well made http://www.frankensteintrikes.com/

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26 Oct 2011 9:01 AM  



         a couple of things , one is having reverse , pain in the arse without one .........( I used to use a Nippondenso reduction motor )

................. if I was to build another live rear trike , it would be chain drive ......................( ease of pullapartability , ya got no chance of that with a belt )

        another thing is , you can run a decent size battery , fitted up under the tray , or in the back of the frame area 

        I know this is not helping with your original question of the DNA product , but just giving you food for thought on the build


         check out Jockey Journal and a few of those other trad sites too




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26 Oct 2011 3:25 PM  

I or should I say my family and friends fit a Champion Sidecars independant trike kit to my Electra glide ultra................you can check out the pics in workshop general..............................



They also do straight axles and indies for every other bike in the Harley range, cost will work out to 10 to 13 thou dependant on what you order and what extras.............electric swaybar was handy but not necessary, rear light bar was expensive and not necessay...................this will save you over a 1000 US...................


Best trike kits out there, perfect fit, easy installation.................straight bolt on, no welding....................absolute quality product


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26 Oct 2011 3:30 PM  
They are made by Paughco for DNA and are very Cheap and Poor Quailty, We bought one in for a Customer a when they first released them about 2 years ago. I wouldn't use one
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S/E Qld
My pics
27 Oct 2011 6:48 AM  
Thanks for the input fellas, much appreciated. Walka, was hoping either you or Chopaweeza would chime in, appreciate the feedback.
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