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Subject: Bob Martin Engineering ???
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02 Feb 2009 10:45 PM  

Hi, Does anyone know what happened to Bob Martin Engineering?

I know Bob died a few years ago, but i believe his son? Steve was running the business.

Any ideas on where Steve (Or any of the staff) ended up? Or any of thier equiptment?

I would appreciate any leads.

Thanks in advance.

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My pics
03 Feb 2009 3:17 PM  
Not sure where they have gone or how to contact them, did you try there number (03) 9758 4738) if its still current.
I wiped out my 86 FJ1200 some years ago (20 or so) killed the frame. Got Bob to straighten the frame and it was better than when I bought the bike new. Cornered heaps better and handle 100%.

Its sad to see such a good talent to be lost.
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