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  • HOG63 Posts: 214
    Stock Poster HOG63
    15 Sep 2019 12:36 AM
    HD Forums Australia - B88F644D-F1CA-4991-BCCF-3C470244A9DE.jpeg

  • Neale Posts: 440
    Richmond NSW
    Stage 1 Poster Neale
    15 Sep 2019 11:45 AM
    Thanks bloke.
    Appreciate the effort.
  • Roo Ted Posts: 566
    Performance Poster Roo Ted
    12 Oct 2019 02:58 PM
    The girls latest choice, 2012 XL1200C. Step 1, lose the orange, step 2 ........
    HD Forums Australia - 20191012_094846.jpg

  • frostbite Posts: 1
    Stock Poster frostbite
    15 Dec 2019 01:43 PM
    Hi Ya All - Hope you are doing OK ...
                                                            Just joined up here and thought I would try to upload a piccy or two of my latest bike - a 2015 HD XL1200 Custom Sportster ...
    Purchased from HD Canberra in May 2019 - id only had 4,450k's on it - Mint condition .... 
    It is undergoing some mods at the moment - New mufflers, and Air Cleaner, and a New Replica Sundowner Seat from the land of the Fortune Cookie ...
    Anyway I will be doing a bit of posting on the Aussie HD Forum/s because even though the USA HD Forums are Quite Good, they just don't get our Aussie Lingo and terminology, so Here I am and GLAD to BE HERE ...  I Will do a full profile and some photos of my Past H-D's  2 Shovels and 2 EVO'S prior to the XL1200 C With a 20 Year Break between RIDING, but back into it again at AGE 66 years and Loving EVERY RIDE I CAN DO ....
    More Later  ok ...
    Ciao for now - Ride Safe .....
    frostbite (aka Greg)

    HD Forums Australia - 2015 XL1200 CUSTOM Sportster a.jpg

    HD Forums Australia - 2015 XL1200 CUSTOM Sportster d.jpg

  • Neale Posts: 440
    Richmond NSW
    Stage 1 Poster Neale
    29 Mar 2020 04:01 PM
    HD Forums Australia - 81EF000B-1C7F-4CB3-ADC6-71F6847B66D7.jpeg

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