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  • kanunski Posts: 312
    Stage 1 Poster kanunski
    21 Oct 2009 06:17 PM

    My Danny Gray custom seat, less hassle than doing the whole heartland conversion and I have the struts and original seat for 2 up, only takes less than 10 mins to switch over:

  • FXCWC-WA Posts: 37
    Stock Poster FXCWC-WA
    21 Oct 2009 06:31 PM
    Nice seat and nice ride kanunski. Unfortunatley my misses isn't comfortable on the original "trick" seat for longer than about 45 mins at a time. So the Heartland was the best option for us. I looked at heaps of options since I got my Rocker in July last year .... happy with the Heartland setup. Must admit if I didn't need a 2up I would have gone the Danny Gray too.

    I certainly prefer the Big Radius 2-1's as on both our bikes. I like the 2-2 but seems every "blue" rocker has them on so I wanted something different :)

    This was my shopping list just fitted.

    Heartlands Rocker Kit and 2nd Seat
    Paint to Heartlands Fenders
    HD extended forward controls
    HD extended brake line
    Billet wrap around front indicators 49mm
    Dogs eyes tail light / indicators
    Numberplate surround with LED's
    Number plate backing plate
    Small custom number plate
    Load equalizer for indicators
    Lowering kit
    Bump stop
    Smoke indicator lens kit
    Vance & Hines Big Radius 2-1
    SE heavy breather
    SE race tuner
    Left side rear peg relocation bracket
    Chrome plating V&H support bracket

  • tomo Posts: 0
    11 Feb 2010 10:04 AM
    i have designed and had a clip on seat made for pillion,so you keep the whole idea of the rocker c,done 10 000 miles and no problems,for more info tomlinson650@btinternet.com. i live in the uk-tomo
  • Grot09 Posts: 16
    Stock Poster Grot09
    13 Feb 2010 10:31 AM

    For seats and seat modifications i recommend Jason Skinner in Adelaide 0412366034

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