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  • Retroman Posts: 1094
    The far west
    Performance Poster Retroman
    11 Oct 2012 08:20 PM

    I have just recieved and fitted these oil coolers to 2 mates bikes, one a 2003 Dyna and the other a 2007 Heritage.

    Now I have had a factory oil cooler on my own 2008 Softail since day 1 , all plumbed in with an adapter plate.

    Came as a kit , part number 26157-07   A bit of work to fit it involved

    I bought that out of the States from a Harley dealer in 2008 when you could still do that.

    They were something silly close to $700 here then and now !!

    Fitted them up to my 2 mates bikes and conducted as unbiased a scientific test programme as we could.

    ( Ok we went to the country pub , went to the coastal cafe and all that usual shit !!)

    On all kinds of running my 2008 Softail Custom and the 2007 Heritage now show the same oil temp on the dipstick oil temp guage. Both sit dead on 200F after a run on a warmish day.

    My 2008 Custom has sat at 200F since I have owned it, the Heritage up until 2 weeks ago would sit at 220F+ at most times

    My synopsis ( as a Scientist ) is that the slip-on cooler is just as effective as the bolt-in factory kit for a fraction of the cost.

    Prolly why HD don't sell them any more !! Link to them on US ebay attached, hope it's live folks !!


    The dude is good to deal with , and I'm NOT affiliated in any way , just a happy customer.

  • TJU Posts: 1200
    Logan , Qld .
    Performance Poster TJU
    11 Oct 2012 08:37 PM
    They look like a good idear ... do you reckon it would still be a good idear to run a oil cooler as well especially over here in good old Sunny Qld or would they be overkill or detremental to the engine .... had a salesman tell me not long back that no new Harley needs a oil cooler which i thought was a bit of a strange thing to say considering the heat here in summer and of course the rear cylinder never getting the same air flow as the front .

    Tim .
  • Retroman Posts: 1094
    The far west
    Performance Poster Retroman
    11 Oct 2012 10:14 PM
    These slip on coolers don't fit on when you use the factory oil cooler I've got fitted or I would use both.

    The slip on cooler doesn't fit because of the adapter bracket arrangement for the oil feed pipes.

    If I had known these slip-on coolers worked so well I'd never have needed the factory oil radiator kit etc.

    As for yer salesman, all yer new touring bikes come with an oil cooler fitted up now as stock OEM.

    Must tell you something !
  • TJU Posts: 1200
    Logan , Qld .
    Performance Poster TJU
    12 Oct 2012 05:54 PM
    Thanks RetroMan ... usefull info ... yeah that salesman was a bit of a wank , have heard he got the flick .
  • mick44 Posts: 2685
    Forum Legend mick44
    15 Oct 2012 01:01 AM

     I too have the factory oil cooler installed, but looking at the slipon cooler, working on a heat sink principal, im just wondering, how hard it would be to make with a small cut out in it to allow to slip on with the oil cooler hoses, If the slipon drops temp by 21 degrees, i think i read, wondering what temp drop you would get with a oval cutout  on side,

    Hmm think i might look into this.

  • chrise1961 Posts: 387
    Stage 1 Poster chrise1961
    15 Oct 2012 08:06 AM
    I bought a slip-on cooler for my 2011 Heritage, but the ABS unit is in the way and it wont fit, so I had to on-sell it to another forum member. I ended up getting a billet alloy cooler that fits in front of the frame rails below the steering head, looks ok and seems to work well too.
  • TJU Posts: 1200
    Logan , Qld .
    Performance Poster TJU
    15 Oct 2012 06:13 PM
    Hey Mick44 ... let us know if you give that idear a go , would be courious to see what temp drops you may achieve as i dont think any Harley motor is ever going to run to cold here in good old Aussie Land ... well maybe for the exception of some of the high country in Vic. or some places in Tassie in the middle of winter but who the hell is going to be riding there pride and joys in those conditions ... there does seem to be some crazy buggers on this site though , Lol .

    Chrise1961 ... what type of temp drops did you achieve with your billet cooler .

    Tim .
  • chrise1961 Posts: 387
    Stage 1 Poster chrise1961
    16 Oct 2012 08:23 AM
    Between 15-20 degrees, F not C...
  • TJU Posts: 1200
    Logan , Qld .
    Performance Poster TJU
    16 Oct 2012 05:46 PM
    thanks chris
  • christoff Posts: 49
    Stock Poster christoff
    18 Oct 2012 02:35 PM
    cheers for the heads up; always in my thoughts when the temp is 40+ and I'm sitting in traffic.
  • mick44 Posts: 2685
    Forum Legend mick44
    18 Oct 2012 03:18 PM

    Slip on heatsink principal oil coolers.

    All i can think of is this???

    As the slipon cooler is aluminium which draws heat from a surface far quicker than orther materials, The aluminium in drawing heat from the hot steel oil filter surface then using air flow to remove heat so:

    Im wondering how a sort of compromise would work.

    Say 1/2 wide aluminium rings, in the style of a clamp. An allen key to clamp ring to filter. Then screw enough clamps on till end of filter. The outer surface of each ring could be ribbed or fined to give a little more ring surface area for heat transfer and area for air to flow over.

    The idea is to have a gap between rings, say 3/16 or 1/4 inch or so so some air flow directly over filter as soon as forward motion occurs.

    The only problem with the idea ,I can see is temporarily fitting a before and after temp sender units to system to record temps to verify results, and to muck around with rings to see difference, Bigger or smaller gaps, wider rings, ect, As from memory, I think when I installed factory oil cooler, I might of read that it has a temp valve or somethimg installed that opens oil flow to oil cooler at a certain temp, Not sure and cant remember.

    The rings could have indents or concave c sections filed or machined out to suit fitting on.

    Of course the cost would be to high to get a number of test rings made to try this or that.

    Might be something a bloke with a home lathe or better still, a home milling machine, could muck about with, and at small cost as only need a small piece of aluminium thick tube.

    Just an idea. 


  • AJ56 Posts: 1817
    Motor Head AJ56
    24 Oct 2012 12:56 PM
    K&P Engineering oil filter. uses the same principle with the rings. http://www.kandpengineering.com/
  • Superglide2012 Posts: 462
    Stage 1 Poster Superglide2012
    30 Oct 2012 08:02 PM
    mick44 you are correct in saying that aluminium draws heat from the surface of the oil filter. There are other materials that wick heat away faster but are cost prohibitive. The principle on how this one works is that the fins on the cooling until increase the total surface area of the filter allowing heat to dissipate quicker. ie Lets say for example that the total area of the filter is 100 square cm (Not accurate just using that measurement as an example). The aluminium slip on cooler may increase that areas, say by, twice as much to 200 square cm. This gives twice the cooling surface This system of cooling is used in car radiators, electric motors etc.
    You could achieve the same amount of cooling if you doubled the size of the oil filter BUT as you can see that is impracticable.
    I think its a good idea but i would check that its still there after each service if you get HD to service your bike.
  • perthhog Posts: 1656
    Motor Head perthhog
    02 Nov 2012 03:37 PM

    i had one of the cooler collers on my evo but now run a one   of the ultima down tube type which thay work better in perth weather in summer as i still ran the the coller as well but due to it running cooler with the down tube one aswell it would move around on the filter as thay work off heat interferance fit and that was with a oem filter aswell

  • Sparra Posts: 1993
    Motor Head Sparra
    12 Nov 2012 07:32 PM

    I just recieved one in the mail...Does it just slip on with the fins to the front???What stops it from slipping back off or is the fit tight enough to keep it there???



  • moffycc Posts: 355
    Logan ,QLD.
    Stage 1 Poster moffycc
    12 Nov 2012 09:15 PM

    just pushes over Sparra ,as long as its a HD filter , I've got 1 and i use K+N  filters which measures the same dia.  should be firmish.  cheers moff.

  • Sparra Posts: 1993
    Motor Head Sparra
    12 Nov 2012 09:30 PM

    Cheers...Thanks mate...

  • Retroman Posts: 1094
    The far west
    Performance Poster Retroman
    01 Dec 2012 07:14 PM
    Just today attended the Perth Salvos Christmas toy run.

    Roadworks on the Gt Eastern highway. slow as fuck, even with lane splitting up to the front of each set of lights.

    My bike with the factory plumbed in oil cooler, sitting on 200F. Not bad i know.

    The 2007 Heritage with the slip on cooler sitting at 175F !!

    That's because there' was no airflow over my cooler fins for 20+ minutes , don't matter as much to the slip on cooler obviously.

    Both then rode 30 K's or so on the freeway north to Joondalup ( 50 to 80 Km/H ) and the big meet, mine at 210 F , Heritage at 215 F

    For slow speed traffic running the slip on cooler works better I would deduce , "oil radiator" system better at cruising speed .
  • slapster Posts: 512
    Performance Poster slapster
    16 Dec 2012 09:10 AM
    I scored one of these slip on coolers for my sporty.

    Feels like a quality piece & it slips on easy enough but I haven't had any way of checking temps yet. Grabbing me a thermostat dip-stick shortly & I'll check it out.

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