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  • Baloffski Posts: 0
    28 Jan 2013 11:48 AM

    Any suggestions on removale of Exhaust Flapper Actuator valve?

    Have removed Cat on std. Header pipes (12 R/Glide) and jammed flapper thin open, but need to remove, is 1 3/4" at header and V and H muffler. Thought about cut section off and reweld new length 6", were do I get chrome section from? Should have done when removed bloody cat.Any other methods? Thanks.

  • Will67 Posts: 2020
    Motor Head Will67
    28 Jan 2013 12:15 PM

     new pipes lol 

  • chrise1961 Posts: 387
    Stage 1 Poster chrise1961
    28 Jan 2013 12:54 PM
    I had it cut off my original pipes and a piece of stainless tubing welded in, cost me about $50.
  • Baloffski Posts: 0
    28 Jan 2013 02:00 PM
    Good one Chris, thanks.
    Like the original headers, you know where I'm coming from. $600 to loose flapper thingy doesn't equate, now I've got $600 to spend elsewhere on my ride, or new computer..Beauty!
    So welded s/s length of 6 inches by 1 3/4".at end of header sounds like a fix to me.
  • Retroman Posts: 864
    The far west
    Performance Poster Retroman
    29 Jan 2013 12:57 AM
    The bikes run just fine with the flapper valves " jammed" fully open in my experience

    You can get used stock ex-US eBay downpipes easy enough ( nowhere near $600 to go that way )

    The "Active exhaust" is a Euro requirement that we get landed with, Yank bikes don't have them !

    Some of my mates have fitted the V&H 2:1:2 downpipes , but costly as you know

    It's your dollar(s) as they say !
  • scotti Posts: 1255
    Hello World !
    Performance Poster scotti
    29 Jan 2013 01:05 AM
    Thought ya can ya just get a tune and set the program for them to stay open , unless ya want it gone totally ?
    How ya liken the stock headers without the cat man , big difference or not ?
  • markwoumla Posts: 1404
    Performance Poster markwoumla
    29 Jan 2013 11:04 AM

    My stock header pipe cracked where the active exhaust valve is welded . I removed the active exhaust valve and gutted the cat while i had the header pipes removed from bike. Check out ( "my pics ), for photos of work done.  Bikes is 2009 flht.   I could not be happier with the results.

    Get dealer to disable the active exhaust valve via the ecm so no error codes are made.  If you have a more advanced tuner , you may be able to disable the valve that way.  When all is done , just cable tie the cable that went to the valve out of harms way.  

  • Baloffski Posts: 0
    29 Jan 2013 05:27 PM
    Notice the Cat removed immed. , does make a difference, plus, more importantly the bike does run cooler. Have dyno booked next week, will check first that they will key Flapper opened, or will remove. Don't mind it there as some sniffy epa or similar might give me bullshit, cat ya can't notice at all.
    Thanks for the advice, oh by the way I removed my cat after 500 kms as too hot, even though been dynoed 'fore picking up.
  • DK40 Posts: 75
    Stock Poster DK40
    30 Jan 2013 09:00 PM

    Grind off the flap, cut out the cat, Weld it up.

    Louder and revs cleaner.

    HD Forums Australia - 20120904_191129.jpg

  • 06 Softail Posts: 1697
    Alberton SA
    Motor Head 06 Softail
    30 Jan 2013 10:47 PM

     Hey there, I've seen this done somewhere here before.

  • scotti Posts: 1255
    Hello World !
    Performance Poster scotti
    31 Jan 2013 04:26 AM
    Fullsac Performance website has a few burnout clips of the end results , yehahhh !
    Is it not true that some cat is preferable in road bike/ cruiser exhausts gas (is it called scavenging) expulsion , does anyone that has done this mod notice anything bad about it at all , like on deceleration for instance ?
    What has been the result and info at dyno`ing , compared to stock ?
    Cheers fella`s
  • markwoumla Posts: 1404
    Performance Poster markwoumla
    31 Jan 2013 11:07 AM

    Hi Scotti,

    I'm no performance expert, we propably need some tuning and performance experts to give their opinions . There are many riders that have removed their stock headers and replaced them with custom , (no active exhaust valve, and no cat) pipes. Doing a similar mod on "stock headers', ie, no valve and removing the cat', should give similar results.  The custom pipe manufacturers may state that they will give better results on performances. The individual will have to make that decision with regard , costs, looks, and performance. Doing this mod on stock headers works for me.

    With regard , can this mod do anything 'bad', in my opinion no, its been done a million times, and we would sure as hell know on forums like this if there were problems,  but then again the tuning experts may have other opinions.

    From my research, just be aware, what model and year your bike is before doing  this mod on stock headers. My bike is a 2009 flht. The O2 sensors are located 'at the top' of the header pipes , near cylinders.  2010 and later have O2 sensors, (smaller and heated), located lower near the cat.  I was confident doing this mod on my 2009 bike because , all things being equal, I would'nt have problems with so called 'cross talk' between the O2 senors, ie , tune and performance.   This is another issue that the tuning experts may have other opinions

    With regard dyno numbers, before and after mods, I have no info on this,  but no doubt someone here will .      



  • Baloffski Posts: 0
    31 Jan 2013 05:54 PM
    Had no hesitation in removing cat ( or" gut the cat" as yanks say) as said many guys have done this and found nothing but cooler engine, slightly more punch, if keyed in correctly.Aftermarlet when don't have cat and flappy thing, but do have 02 sensors. Now you got me thinking where are they located on aftermarket headers, I would guess similar placement, but ohh ohh I just realised when I drill my headers on 06 Fat boy they recommended something like 9 inches from exhaust outlet! Better follow this up, don't think it would make that much difference, anyone?
    DK40 your on the money that looks good to weld, or just fix so she's jammed up flapper, or cut section and have local exhaust dudes reweld s/s section, may be my preferred.Just cannot afford new headers
    thanks for the advice anymore most welcomed, critical, constructive or otherwise.
  • scotti Posts: 1255
    Hello World !
    Performance Poster scotti
    01 Feb 2013 01:25 AM
    Yeah fella`s seen them being sold and heard of it being done regularly and get that aftermarket headers would mostly be cat free in design , plenty of info about it on here and other sites , just thought i read somewhere about it being a slight risk , maybe something in regard to loose shit being sucked back past the cat section on letting off or something , not sure exactly , but sure i did read something about it , that`s the reason i asked , thinking maybe someone else had heard anything similar in pros & cons , first concidered it meself on me `07 & again on me `09 a while back after lookin at the fullsac performance website burnout clip , cat and flapper gone is supposed to add near 10hp apparently , just wouldn`t want to risk any sorta chance of detonation as slim as it may be , if at all ?
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