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  • CVO Deluxe Posts: 165
    Mount Isa
    Stock Poster CVO Deluxe
    22 Mar 2015 08:43 PM

    My wife and I are taking a road trip to Darwin and back to Mt Isa.

    2/4 - Mt Isa to Barkley Homestead (depart 1.00pm)

    3/4 - Katherine

    4/4 - 6/4 - Darwin

    7/4 - Katherine

    8/4 - Three ways / Tennant Creek

    If anyone is keen to meet up let me know.... cool

  • markwoumla Posts: 1497
    Performance Poster markwoumla
    24 Mar 2015 11:32 PM
    Must be a bit quiet, up in the Top End area CVO Deluxe ,,,,, I lived in Katherine in the early 80s ,, its on my bucket list to ride around the top end !!! Good luck with it , and have a safe trip .......
  • CVO Deluxe Posts: 165
    Mount Isa
    Stock Poster CVO Deluxe
    28 Mar 2015 05:01 AM

    Thanks Mark….weather is shaping up good….mid-high 30's and no signs of major rain.

    We're stopping at the Daly River pub for lunch and healing the muscles at Mataranka Hot springs.

    The two nights at Darwin is going to be a hoot!

  • CVO Deluxe Posts: 165
    Mount Isa
    Stock Poster CVO Deluxe
    28 Mar 2015 11:06 PM
    Posted By chinashop bull on 28 Mar 2015 5:06 AM

    I stayed a night at the Three Ways roadhouse last October.  Never again.  I'd rather ride in the dark to the Barkly roadhouse.


    Thanks for the info China. We stopped over at the 3 ways on our way to Ayers rock at couple of years ago.

    Ripped off with $120....double bed which sagged like shit. Toilet didn't work....water could only trickle out of taps.

    I thought they would have cleaned up their game. We're looking at Tennant Creek on the way back 20 k's down the road.

    We wont be at the first caravan park on the left. Tom (Fitzy- R.I.P) and I pulled up with our misses to stay overnight.

    The manager had a vacancy sign up, took one look at our bikes, looked down and said "No accomodation". Fucken mole. 

    We ended up staying at a better caravan park further into town. We met some good and some weird people on that trip...

  • CVO Deluxe Posts: 165
    Mount Isa
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    02 Apr 2015 08:29 AM
    Leaving at 12.30pm (can't get away earlier) and shooting straight for 3 ways. Hopeful to knock over 650 kms before sunset.

    They have 'newer' accommodation so I booked us a room for the night…will let you's know how it shapes up.
  • CVO Deluxe Posts: 165
    Mount Isa
    Stock Poster CVO Deluxe
    09 Apr 2015 07:11 PM

    We got back this arvo after our 4,000 km trip and had a ball. No incidents at all.

    They shoved us in the 'newer' accommodation at 3 ways, paid a bit more and it was comfortable enough.
    Stopped at the Daly Waters pub - what an eye opener and great atmosphere. The manager said he knew Magilla.
    We also stayed at Renner Springs….motorcycle friendly and we got full of piss and had a great time there.
    Last night was at the Barkly Hotel - great people which has the best looking European backpackers around lol

    Theres nothing better than cruising on 130-140km/h down the highway and not worry about getting pulled up!

    There are two places we stopped at but moved pretty quickly on because of the fights....Elliot and Tennant Creek.

    We're going to do one more trip before the end of the year - it you haven't done it make sure you put it on the bucket list.

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