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    Mount Waverly, Victoria
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    13 Nov 2015 11:11 AM

    Dyna and Softail riders have long been neglected by Harley-Davidson with no factory cruise control available for their bikes.  In 2016 the factory will be remedy that with the new fly by wire bike release and cruise control built in, or optional - I am not sure which - maybe you know?

    In any case, you may not be aware that the factory cruise control lever exists on the throttle body on both Dynas and Softails from around 2005 to the present.  MCCruise has used this fact to tailor a sophisticated, brilliantly-performing cruise control for your bikes. It has been installed by Adelaide bike works and reviewed by Heavy Duty Magazine last year.  Many have since been sold around the country and overseas.  The product is still a 'sleeper' however, with few people knowing about it.  Our invitation by Heavy Duty to release it at the Harley-Davidson Rally in Tamworth in 2016 was met with firm rejection by Harley-Davidson Australia.  We were boycotted! Despite fulfilling all their requirements. Don't like competition I guess - even when they can't supply a product to satisfy their customers!

    Still...that is what competition is about.  If you have a good product and people need it - you keep pushing.  MCCruise is undertaking a pre-Christmas sale especially for Forum members to help get the word out, but there are only 100 units up for grabs - so get in quick!

    Save 20% on Post 2012 HD Dyna MCCruise using this code in the cart on our web site: T7FPXOVRI6O0

    Save 20% on Post 2011 HD Softail MCCruise using this code in the cart on our web site: 9IZHNVLK1TOP

    You may not have heard of us, but we are an all-Australian company who has been in business since 1997 and now export all over the world.  Cruise control is what we do....for Motorcycles, ATVs and Tractors.

    Email us for complete instructions and advice.

    If you want to ride further, increase the pleasure in doing so and arrive more relaxed - our cruise control delivers.  You will see ergonomic advantages, better fuel economy and be able to focus on the road and traffic instead of looking at the speedo, police and traffic cameras!  You won't believe what a difference it makes - until you try it.



    HD Forums Australia - IMG_6545_(Medium).JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_6545_(Medium).JPG

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    Alberta, Canada
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    27 May 2017 03:56 PM
    I found these guys online and ordered one for my 05 softail springer. It turns out they have a kit for a softtail but not the springer. Anyway, when it arrived (in Canada) the main brain unit when bolted on, interfered with the right hand fork when turned hard right. So I got a hold of Tony via skype, they looked it over and with some head scratching we came up with a plan to modify the mounting bracket, face left instead of right for the wiring harness and made it all work. Apparently they will design a real bracket for my bike and send it to me and I'll take off the makeshift bracket and replace it. I also mounted the servo slightly different than shown in their installation photos, I moved it to the right hand side of the down tube so as not to hinder removing oil filter.HD Forums Australia - IMG_1351[1].JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_1349[1].JPG
    Sorry the pics are side ways don't know how to fix that. Plus, I have a foot clutch which also complicated the servo mounting a bit.

    All in all, easy installation once those little bumps were gotten over. I installed, set up linkage, took out for a spin, never touched anything else. I could spend time fine tuning, but heh, runs dang fine right out of the box. These units are a bit pricey, but it a Cadillac unit.
    When the arthritis sets in to that old right wrist, ya gotta do something. That throttle lock screw, ya, chucked it years ago.
    I have a few more pics if anybody want. Don't guarantee which way they'll end up :) 

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