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  • spacewolf Posts: 173
    Stock Poster spacewolf
    07 Jul 2016 08:36 AM
    I think it's a good thing. HOG typically has closed runs for chapters, closed events, etc. Why not open up the Harley Days event? It'd only bring more exposure to biking in general, and expose the marque to some that may not otherwise go to an event like this.
  • Soapbox2627 Posts: 3562
    Whyalla South Australia
    Forum Legend Soapbox2627
    07 Jul 2016 11:50 AM
    When I was in HOG, the sponsor dealer closed down so join another chapter or we had to disband, they wanted us to hand over all our money to them stop using the HOG name, as we were "inc" we said get stuffed handing over the money and changed our name (no HOG) and after a couple years, opened the club up to all bikes, got about the double number as what left, of the 150ish members, 30 are not Harley's, we all get along with each other.

    I think is would be a good thing for all bikes to be involved, HOG can still have some "closed" events but there is more money in open events for all.

    even OMC's have open runs, poker rides and club only.
  • kickinon Posts: 573
    baccus marsh
    Performance Poster kickinon
    09 Jul 2016 12:50 PM
    .ive got an invite to ride with some classic bikes to this event,im not a member of any club and im welcome to go to this. l think its a good thing..
  • WYKKED Posts: 27
    Stock Poster WYKKED
    20 Oct 2016 01:01 PM
    The wife and I are going. We were members of the Dandenong chapter but left and joined an SMC started by friends. I think it is good that Harley are opening up the event to all riders.
  • gidgi Posts: 899
    Performance Poster gidgi
    21 Oct 2016 08:32 AM
    I think that the entry cost structure could be more flexible, as far as I can see its a one off $49.00 on line registration ,but no prevision for some one wanting to go for just one Day .I recon the show & shine on Sunday would be worth a look but the guided rides thru Kangaroo Valley could catch a few exuberant riders out, but all in all it will bring some good awareness for motorcycling & Dollars to the Gong
  • fatbat Posts: 2995
    Forum Legend fatbat
    21 Oct 2016 10:18 AM
    Open to all types of bikes because it'll be a good opportunity to sell Harley's to the non Harley riders
  • limpn Posts: 447
    Wollongong Nsw
    Stage 1 Poster limpn
    21 Oct 2016 11:44 AM

    i live in Wollongong and i must say its all over the radio and even getting pamphlets in the mail ..
    Im not a member of hogs and i was told "if your not a member of hogs you cant participate in the thunder run / show and shine !!!"

    i also asked so NON HOG members will there be motorcycle parking allocated ??? response " its in Wollongong there is plenty of street parking near the venue"
    lived here most my life the only time i found it easy to get a parking spot near stewart park was in winter ... good luck finding a parking spot ... i wouldn't leave my bike unattended in Wollongong for 5min let alone all day... safe to say that i might just give this a miss even tho its 15min from home....

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