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  • keith Posts: 1949
    Perth West Aust {SOR}
    Motor Head keith
    30 Aug 2016 11:40 AM
    Great photo's Spook, starting to think it was a fictitious ghost ride ? Cheers boys.
  • AJ56 Posts: 1817
    Motor Head AJ56
    30 Aug 2016 02:42 PM

    Hey Tats don't knock Ireene I mean Steven, She /He probably has a very nice personality. That's all though. Had a head like a smashed crab...If you woke up next to that ewwww the thought!

  • Winger Posts: 711
    Performance Poster Winger
    30 Aug 2016 03:01 PM

    A couple of shots from the Muppet Run.

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_3528.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_3531.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_3534.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_3532.JPG


    HD Forums Australia - IMG_3537.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_3539.JPG


    HD Forums Australia - IMG_3541.JPG

    ......and Davutch's reaction when we asked him about the hoodies.
    HD Forums Australia - hutch.jpg

  • Baloffski Posts: 0
    31 Aug 2016 05:11 PM
    Good stuff Winger. Be there next year for sure, but probably from the east. Good to catch up with you buggers, enjoyed the morning, . I hate Winging -but back fuck....Like to talk soon on another little run . cheers. "Carp Diem "(If I remember).Or something similar.. cheers mate. Loved your bike as most all had I was blown away..
  • Nirvana ride Posts: 175
    Stock Poster Nirvana ride
    03 Sep 2016 04:58 AM
  • Baloffski Posts: 0
    03 Sep 2016 01:22 PM
    Yup- I do love riding Motocicle and always will. But splitting bloody wood for my brother in law did what they call any Motocicle riding Back/legs (Give me the bullet) ""BACK Sciatica"". Arghhh. Lets ride..
    Working on rear shock oil change now Graz, let you know how she goes. cheers.
  • graz Posts: 972
    Adelaide Hills
    Performance Poster graz
    03 Sep 2016 02:06 PM

    Hope ya get some joy from that mate. Have sciatica problems myself so know where your coming from. Thats why I also use the Airhawk seat jigger.

  • Big Steve Posts: 708
    Yarra Ranges
    Performance Poster Big Steve
    03 Sep 2016 06:07 PM
    No burnouts in the bar this time?
  • Tat2_u Posts: 372
    Stage 1 Poster Tat2_u
    03 Sep 2016 08:38 PM
    Posted By Big Steve on 03 Sep 2016 5:37 PM
    No burnouts in the bar this time?

    No Steve it was a very quiet saturday night i think we are all getting old mate Baggers are not for burnouts




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