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  • Deakin_08 Posts: 5
    Stock Poster Deakin_08
    04 Sep 2016 08:01 PM

    hi guys i just got my and im just wanting to peoples opinions on the 500 from the way they ride and handle to any problems they have encounted. i have grown up riding dirt bike and as commuter i have a 50cc scooter but its been a while since ive been a proper bike. my father inlaw wants me to wait till im on my opens and get a 883 but if i get a bike now i will want to keep it a for while and not up grade when i go get my opens. so any opinions at the moment while greatly help

  • Geoff3DMN Posts: 1532
    Motor Head Geoff3DMN
    05 Sep 2016 09:08 AM
    For every 10 riders who say "if I get a bike now I will want to keep it for a while and not up grade when I get my opens" only about 2 don't upgrade and 1 of those 2 isn't upgrading because they're still paying off the finance for their LAMS bike.

    My advice is "Listen to your Father in Law" unless you're on enough money to pay the 500 off completely during your restrictions.
  • Nomada Posts: 1049
    Performance Poster Nomada
    05 Sep 2016 12:05 PM
    First mistake is using 500 and Real bike in the same sentence.
    Unless you use to really small dirt bikes, a 883 will last you a month tops before you wish you bought bigger.
    The 45 degree engines and what your use to is like comparing diesel and ULPl motors.
  • walka Posts: 3391
    Forum Legend walka
    05 Sep 2016 04:24 PM
    Buy a Sportster
  • Deakin_08 Posts: 5
    Stock Poster Deakin_08
    05 Sep 2016 08:21 PM

    thanks guys for your input. i might be just gettin ichy feet as been such a long time since ive riden a bike. i want something that i can ride now and get my confidents back up again befor i sit for my Qride test to go on to my RE opens might just look around for a cheap shitter for the time being and get a somthing to up while i wait to go on to my opens as i have a bike designs and themes running around my head. thanks again guys.

  • Ledgerous Posts: 10
    Stock Poster Ledgerous
    04 Nov 2016 10:51 PM
    My first bike was a 1200cc Sportster 48 (still one of my fav bikes). Now I've got a Street Bob. I agree with the other comments here, what you get now, is a starting point, it's not what you'll have forever.

    Ride one, if you like it, buy it. Why not? It's about what you like after all. When you out grow it, get something else... you might even want to try a metric! Variety is the spice of life. ;)
  • adadrian Posts: 440
    Stage 1 Poster adadrian
    18 Dec 2016 03:20 PM
    my first bike was a 250 honda vtr and i kept it for 6-7 years. i didn't mind the power it got me where i want and it was faster then my car. now saying that if the street 500 was around then i much would of preferred that. when i was young i always thought (still do) harley is a much "cooler" name/bike
  • Krackers60 Posts: 1546
    Motor Head Krackers60
    19 Dec 2016 10:28 AM
    Okay Deakin, what did you end up doing?
  • chrisps_au Posts: 2
    Stock Poster chrisps_au
    11 Apr 2017 05:29 AM
    I have owned my Street 500 for almost two years.
    I find it the most fun motorcycle to ride. Absolutely great in the corners.
    Once you have found where the power band is look out.
    Braking is not the best on this model. So ride carefully on a 2015 model.
    The position of mirrors are not the best unless you like your elbows! Which look great btw!
    There is not much vibration in the mirrors until you reach about 100 kph but after that clear vision again.
    Yep I love my bike. I will do a few updates over the next couple of years. New seat, handle bars, brakes.
    I will let you know I have been a motorcycle ride for 30 years.

  • Crowbar Posts: 1
    Stock Poster Crowbar
    12 Apr 2017 10:26 AM
    Posted by loopie on 26 Nov 2016 06:43 PM
    ITS MADE IN FUCKIN INDIA,, should come with free turban

    I've had a lot of Harley owners try to convince me to not get a street 500 purely for this reason. 

    So that leaves any learner with no choice but to get a different brand altogether (even though they may not even like it because what they really wanted was a Harley). And even though though the brand they buy instead, may be made wherever, or consist of parts made wherever... 

    Surely if the quality control is good where the street 500 is made, it should be ok to get it as an entry level Harley? Rather than buy a bike you don't even like and that doesn't hit the spot?

  • Kingchops Posts: 0
    12 Apr 2017 10:59 AM
    From the reviews that I've read of the first generation Street bikes, a recurring comment that comes up is poor fit an finish.  I've seen mixed reviews of these bikes, but the problem with reading/watching reviews is that the reviewer is usually on a new bike.  So quality issues won't be apparent on newer bikes.

    I came across this video yesterday which shows what one looks like after being out in the elements for a while.  A little unfair as most bikes will suffer surface rust and finish issues if left out in the elements.  But, this video shows one after a while of exposure to elements and usage, not that great.

    Personally, I would wait for the second or third generation of these bikes.  The new Street Rod is much improved on the quality and performance issues and still a pretty good price.

  • pony-tail Posts: 38
    Redcliffe Qld
    Stock Poster pony-tail
    16 Apr 2017 07:10 PM
    The jury is out for me on the 500 never ridden a 750 so do not know .
    I actually looked at a second hand 500 as a possible replacement for my now " motion impaired " Suzuki Burgman that I use as a City run around .
    It was nice to ride , handles ok , not spectacular , I prefer it to ride to an 883 which I also was looking at . but it seems a little lacking .
    My Harley is a Tour glide ulta classic , two wheeled tank , but I was comparing it not to the FLTCU but a 650 Burgman Scooter my two cents is that the 500 is a good learner bike and if you particularly like it fine but I am 6ft and 150 kg , It really is not useful to me stock..
    If it had a 900 cc big brother with more leg room and a bit longer wheelbase and more  power I would be in .
    Even at 500 ccs and the power it has if it just had that bit more room I would have thought about it - My ex - SO had a 650 Yammy that was similar performance wise but even it was small and low for a big fat-guy .
    The made in India - not an issue - better build quality than my first shovel - but we won't go there .
    The 500 is a sweet little bike kind of like the old Triumph 500 Daytona of the mid 70s was need a LAMS bike you could do a lot worse .
    After all that rant - I still have not crossed it off my shortlist - with bars seat and footpeg mods and some bags I think it is possible to make a good little commuter bike .. just can't hate the little thing .
  • Sniffenabout Posts: 163
    Stock Poster Sniffenabout
    12 May 2017 10:10 PM
    Indians make great curries, but I wouldn't buy an Indian motorcycle, car or aircraft.
  • tussuck Posts: 2599
    Forum Legend tussuck
    25 Sep 2018 09:15 PM
    Personally I would wait the extra time and go with the Sporty.  I have a blown 1340 and an 883 and the Sporty is just as much a blast to ride as the speedster - it brake better, is lighter and loves the traffic during the morning commute.

    Also you will love the sound of a Sporty vs the 500 or 750.
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