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  • Ando Posts: 1545
    Motor Head Ando
    02 Nov 2016 11:59 PM

    Alright after having a ring around and trying to find something of the beaten track and to support a smaller pub, I also wanted to have a descent ride that was a bit different its gonna be at the
    Eneabba Sands Hotel, Sam and Jay are really keen to have us and are over the moon that I have been in touch with them.
    There is swag options with a camping ground over the road with shower and toilets, also have a camp with dongers ( some can accommodate couples).
    Ring Sam or Jaye to book a room 99551077
    Leave Gingers Roadhouse  (0930hrs) head up the inland way stop for lunch before getting to the Sands Tavern and the quickest way home the next day

    Forgot to mention the date its Saturday the 10th of Dec

  • Bangkok Bob Posts: 615
    near Mandurah WA
    Performance Poster Bangkok Bob
    03 Nov 2016 06:14 PM

    Hi Ando.

    You got a date (when) on this one?

    Looks like I might be on the 94 for this one.

    Rgards B.B.

  • STROPP Posts: 403
    Stage 1 Poster STROPP
    05 Nov 2016 01:30 PM
    bugger got a xmas do on that day, river cruising with free piss :)
  • keith Posts: 1909
    Perth West Aust {SOR}
    Motor Head keith
    05 Nov 2016 10:00 PM
    I'm on the wrong roster for that weekend, enjoy the ride and catch up gents.
  • Normthe1 Posts: 263
    Rockingham WA
    Stage 1 Poster Normthe1
    05 Nov 2016 10:30 PM
    I can't do that weekend either unfortunately...
  • fess39 Posts: 43
    Stock Poster fess39
    18 Jan 2017 11:03 PM


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