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  • motorman857 Posts: 18
    Tampa Bay/Hudson Florida USA
    Stock Poster motorman857
    01 Dec 2016 08:22 AM

    To my Aussi friends. We now have the New Ride Like a Pro dvd, Surviving the Mean Streets, Ride Like a Pro on the Dragon and Short Cuts to Riding Like A Pro dvd, available to down load on my web site www.ridelikeapro.com. This will save you about 30 dollars vs having to mail the dvd's to Australia.

  • steelo Posts: 2958
    Forum Legend steelo
    01 Dec 2016 10:13 AM

    Fancy that, 9 posts after surprisingly joining our forum you are promoting the sale of your safety videos.

    "I'm a retired motor officer from the U.S. and the producer of the Ride Like a Pro video. Checking in here as some of my fans from down under said this forum is a great place to make some new friends." and now Customers it seems.

    Having said that, anything that helps our biking friends to survive the mean streets is worthwhile.

    Perhaps, consider a member code that would enable a further discount over and above the saving of the price of the physical DVD.

  • Krackers60 Posts: 1543
    Motor Head Krackers60
    01 Dec 2016 01:28 PM

    Steelo, that's a bit harsh. But I suppose he could have waited for double figures.

    As soon as I read Motorman's intro, I knew that it would be followed by an invitation to purchase his product at some point.

    I have watched, probably like many other forum members, some of the videos over the years and found them to be very informative, as you also mention.

    I must admit, riders like that are amazing to watch. There's also some really good videos on YouTube coming out of Japan of riders who hold competitions in the same riding style.


    Edit after move of topic:

    Don't take it personally, we get some 'interesting' offers and topics on this forum.  I personally hope your videos can improve our skills.

    I don't think you really insulted or offended anyone on this forum.



  • motorman857 Posts: 18
    Tampa Bay/Hudson Florida USA
    Stock Poster motorman857
    07 Dec 2016 11:28 AM

    I'm sorry if I insulted anyone on this forum but I get at least 20 emails a week from riders in Australia wanting to get one or more of my dvd's however the cost of mailing them is more than the cost of of the video itself. So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all, that they can now be down loaded from my web site and save you a bunch of money. There's also plenty of free stuff on web site such as my safety articles from various magazines and a pratice guide.

    I would hope that if any of the forum members know about a good deal we in America are not aware of, you would let me know. In addition, if anyone has any questions on riding techniques, I'd be happy to answer them.

    A couple of years ago one of my Ride Like A pro franchise owners made some trips to Ausralia and traveled the country putting on the Ride Like a Pro course. All the classes were full. That told me that folks down under would like to improve their skills just as rider's in the U.S..

    Again, excuse me if I offended anyone.

  • Kingchops Posts: 0
    07 Dec 2016 12:17 PM
    Moving to business section as this is pure promotion.
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