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    03 Aug 2017 11:22 AM
    "Ever thought about getting some mates together and starting your own club."

    Not sure if directed my way but I am part of a loose (In many ways) group of guys from all over SA, VIC, NSW, QLD and we have an annual run and catch up when we can during the year. This has been discussed a few times at our annual run but we are not a "Club" as such and with all the reporting and registration requirements of being a fully "bona fide" club we decided not to go that way. Add to that the requirements of being a scrutineer for the classic scheme and it all gets a bit hard for a bunch of guys that just like to go for a ride, have a beer and talk crap. Not unlike this site but heaps smaller we have a forum for contacting each other and arranging rides but that's about as officious as we get. We have a couple of forum mods and they basically do fuck all (like me) no president, secretary, treasurer etc. No money to join if we do a run and a patch or T Shirt we get numbers someone organises it and it just happens. We don't want and probably couldn't manage much more. 

    That's why I reckon it should be a National Scheme run by the individual State Government registry's and simply a cheaper Pink Slip, Green Slip and Registration.
    The infrastructure is already there there would be minimal additional costs and the same authorised sites for pink slips etc would give you the restricted pink slip.

    Anyway I need another Endone and Naprosyn so gotta go.
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