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  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    02 Oct 2017 02:48 PM

    Healtech has been in the motorcycle electronics game for years. Mostly known for their "Speedo-Healer" back in the day.

    A few years ago they introduced the Quickshifter Easy, a self-contained, Bluetooth connected, app controlled ignition interrupt device to allow full power clutch-less upshifts on modern motorbikes. It's a great unit, and completely independent of any other devices. I have used this device on my Yamaha V-Max for a couple years now and couldn't be happier. Over the last few months since I got my Breakout I have been helping to develop the Quickshifter to suit the majority of Harleys. This unit was previously offered for the V-Rod, but primarily because it had Coil on Plugs, and a 6mm shift linkage. The Sensor for the Quickshifter Easy is a tiny little thing that fits over a 6mm shift rod. The majority of Harleys however have a 5/16" shift linkage. I developed a CNC machined, Stainless Steel capsule that allows fitment of this sensor to most Harley Dyna and Softail models. Then Healtech helped me develop special plug and play wiring harnesses in a variety of lengths to suit the different Harley models.

    I sold the first unit to a mate the other day, and we fitted it to her 883 Sporty at the track on the weekend(Benaraby Raceway, QLD). She loved it, and it worked so well she ripped right through the eliminations to take first place in the V-Twin class! Hers was a different fitment due to the lack of a shift linkage, but we made it work, and work well it did!

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested in going a little faster, or more consistent at the track. I also like mine for just powering through the gears on the street at part throttle.

    Ring or SMS Mike on 0400233273

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  • John.R Posts: 203
    Stock Poster John.R
    02 Oct 2017 02:51 PM
    I love quickshifters on streetbikes, however, with how agricultural Harley boxes are, surely this isn't a good idea on a stock box? Especially at high rpm.

    Have you done any testing re: reliability etc?

  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    02 Oct 2017 03:09 PM

    I had the same thoughts John, but have had mine on for a couple months now and it shifts quite smooth.

    Like any quickshifter, the key is in the setup.

    Hard core racers try to minimise the kill time (ms), and in a factory race cut sprotbike tranny this is a little less risky.

    However, getting greedy with kill times can be risky in any bike.

    The HealTech Quickshifter Easy is adjustable up to 140ms, which is huge.

    The default settings are 75-85ms and actually work quite well in the stock Harley gearbox.

    At higher rpms the shift actually gets smoother.

    I have mine set at 70ms and it works a treat.

    The factory belt drive on a Harley is also quite forgiving of any stress through the gearbox.

    My V-Max is shaft drive, and has no slack in the driveline other than the cush drive in the rear wheel and it too is quite smooth.

    Keep in mind, Pingel make an electric UP and DOWN shifter for Harleys (with their own ignition killbox) and it is rated for the stock tranny as well.

  • paulybronco Posts: 8142
    Forum Legend paulybronco
    02 Oct 2017 05:36 PM
    What sort of $ are you looking at
  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    02 Oct 2017 11:02 PM
    Hey Pauly
    $450. will get you the Quickshifter module with sensor, the dedicated Harley Wiring harness of your choice (3 lengths available), and the two-piece stainless steel capsule with jamb nut. The capsule is threaded 5/16" x 24tpi male on one end and Female on the other, so it can be used with either type of shift linkage commonly available.(male shaft with female ball joints, or female shaft with male tie rod ends)
    If your bike has a fixed length (non-adjustable) shift linkage like the new Lowrider S, I can provide a custom length, stainless adjustable shift linkage with either factory type ball joints or Stainless female threaded tie rod ends. (cost will vary) Mounting to the Sporty takes a special dual-threaded bolt. i will have some of these made up shortly - also out of stainless.
    I have developed three different length wiring harnesses to suit the coil behind the rear cylinder, coil between the cylinders, and coil at the steering stem (Sporty).
    My current wiring harnesses suit approximately all of the Dynas and Softails between 2006-2017, and most of the Sporties since 2013 I believe.
    I have heaps of HD wiring harnesses on file. Before placing an order, please confirm the year and model of your bike and I will make sure it is compatible.
    Below are some pictures of what your coil plug should look like (similar) in order to utilise the wiring harnesses I have in stock.
    If you have any queries about your shift linkage, post up a pic and I'll help you work it out.
    Until then, download the iQSE-1 App and have a play with it. You'll be able to see all of the available parameters and get a feel for how to set it up. The app even gives a good explanation of each feature as well as links to FAQs.

    For Forum members I will even Express post for FREE Australia wide.

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  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    14 Oct 2017 11:47 AM

    Hooked up a bloke in Bundaberg with the New Quickshifter Easy!

    Works a treat on his 2011 CVO Softail convertible.

    See ya at the drag strip mate!

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  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    24 Oct 2017 10:46 PM

    Another install on the missus' FXSE.

    Went 11.8 at the strip last time using the clutch.

    Hoping for 11.6 using the new Healtech Quickshifter Easy!

  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    29 Oct 2017 07:34 PM

    Holy Crap!

    On my Breakout 103" the quickshifter helped me shave 3 tenths off my ET.

    I thought this was beyond awesome!

    Ran the missus' 117 Breakout at Benaraby for an all new P.B. of 11.399 at 115mph!!

    An unbelievable 4 tenths trimmed from the ET  :)

    I sponsored a young man on his Jr Drag Bike(Ninja 250) and he too got an all new PB - nearly 2 tenths better in his 1/8th mile runs!

    If you like to go quick on your tractor holler at me and I'll help you get every last bit you can from it.

    Oddly enough, even though it works excellent on my BO, it seems even smoother on my missus - like cruising speed shifts from 4-5 and 5-6 only change the tone of the rpms. You cannot even feel the tranny shift. I did also recently change the oil in hers to Mobile1 V-Twin 20-50. Will be putting the same in mine soon.

  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    13 Dec 2017 10:12 PM

    Put another Healtech Quickshifter Easy on a local bloke's Breakout.

    Works a treat and he's stoked!

    Lookin forward to seeing him at the strip next season :)

    Currently trying to source the correct factory plugs so I can put one on an M8 :)

  • Krash Kinkade Posts: 1628
    Motor Head Krash Kinkade
    14 Dec 2017 09:48 AM
    hi mike, good to see Harley drag's still alive and well in Queensland !
    I'm still on a carb Harley so don't think that will work on mine?
    I still love drag racing Harley street bikes, just about to rebuild the old sporty motor tune it and check out the street meeting in Queensland , ride up and back ( nsw ) let me know if they fit carb with electronic ignition. 
    but I drag raced my carb dyna quiet a bit with no ignition cut out and stock foot shift, just a 2001 dyna carb 95 cubic inch best speed 121mph low elevens depending on weather and track. now moved up to a 2003 carb sporty ( progress ) so do you have one to suit?

    John r , I had no problems with the Harley 5 speed gear box , drag racing, and with this ignition cut out would be even easier to shift quick, as takes load off gear box for a fraction of a fraction, so you don't need to pull clutch to shift. I shifted clutchless but had to back off as I shifted to take load off the gear, Harley use dogs not sincro, so does not hurt gear box if shift right. the way I shifted the power drops a bit as you shift. the way this ignition cut out shifts the rev's are up as you shift so bike does not loose any momentum shifting, 3 to four tenths easy gain in quarter mile. would be fun off lights too combined with a shift light. I road my 95 inch twin cam almost 100,000k dragged it every week if weather was good. friend owns it and still strong same gear box.
  • Onequickpuck Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Onequickpuck
    14 Dec 2017 09:56 PM

    Hey Krash :)

    The unit can be made to work on your carby bike. I have custom wiring harnesses to suit the modern EFI units, just so it can be a clean plug-n-play setup.

    Send me some specs mate and I'll work out exactly what we can do for your ride.

    A pic or two of the shift linkage, the coil plug, and any room under the seat or behind the coil.

    As technical as this rig is, they way it operates is super simple, so it will work on damn near any bike if set up right.

    Send me some details to    mike@cqsteel.com.au

    We'll get you set up, then perhaps meet at Willowbank when you come up to QLD :)

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