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    17 Sep 2019 01:52 PM
    Quoting Onequickpuck on 12 Sep 2019 07:35 PM

    The current Installation manual......

    It IS kind of a long read, but if you are taking the leap and putting a HealTech Quickshifter on your pride and joy, please take the time to read through this.

    It has a few pointers and a lot of great settings to get you started.

    Harley iQSE Install 12-09-2019.pdf

    thanks for the updates Mike

    here on the install manual your picture 8 shows a different style of sensor, what's the difference between these and the stainless barrel sensor.

    Also do you have any pictures of where you mounted the module on a breakout as mine seems very tight under the seat area.



  • Onequickpuck Posts: 126
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    17 Sep 2019 03:04 PM
    Thanks for the note Rod.
    The sensor in Pic 8 is stud mounted, and that's only a requirement if you have Mid-controls on a Sporty, or Lowrider S and don't want to swap out the factory shift rod behind the primary.
    That same sensor fits inside the SS Capsule that I produce, and you thread that right on the back end of your shift linkage.

    Check these pics....

    Oh yeah, my missus and I both ride Breakouts, and the module easily fits down in the air cavity on either side of the battery.
    You don't even need to Velcro it in place. Just tuck it in and it will hang safely from the wiring harness.
    I'll post some more pics of mine later....

    When I send a unit out, the sensor is already mounted in the capsule, and I will preset the tension on the threads so you should start right off getting an excellent strong signal, which then of course gets you great shifting results.
    With your forward controls, you simply remove the shift lever and roll it back a couple splines to compensate for the extra length in the shift rod.

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    17 Sep 2019 08:04 PM
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    Module tucks in beside the battery on a Breakout and you can hardly see it. Also room to lay flat behind the battery if you like.
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    20 Oct 2019 01:55 PM
    The HealTech iQSE-1 Quickshifter works on all M8 models as well. I keep plug-n-play wiring harnesses in stock for BOTH coil locations on the M8s.

    New website and FB page coming soon........... as these are about to go worldwide :)
  • Onequickpuck Posts: 126
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    02 Dec 2019 02:48 PM
    Stock on hand for all models......plenty of time to treat yourself for Christmas :)
    International Express airmail to anywhere in the world.

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