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  • Shane G Posts: 2
    Stock Poster Shane G
    07 Oct 2017 05:32 PM
    Hi just seeing if anyone has fitted a mikuni to a wla with the original bars. can't workout how to fit the cable as ist is ball end at both ends. do I remove 1 of the ends or cut a slot in the bar end nut to allow the cable to go through it. or do i she the original cable and modify the carby end somehow. I have the reverse spiral twist grip so the throttle is pull not push.
  • Bangkok Bob Posts: 601
    near Mandurah WA
    Performance Poster Bangkok Bob
    09 Oct 2017 11:58 AM
    What would you want to fit a mickey rooney on a WLA for?
    Nothing wrong with a linkert if it is set up right.
    A MR wont increase a wla to perform any better.
    It will always be a wla and is what it is.
    Regards B.B.
  • kickinon Posts: 554
    baccus marsh
    Performance Poster kickinon
    09 Oct 2017 07:15 PM
    Shane g.
     im running a mikuni vm34 on my wla, heres a few photo's.. im using an internal throttle cable, through the bars as origonal, (cable not wire)..
    the last photo shows the end l cut (carby end) the small alloy ferral is a 1/8th pop rivet slid off its nail cut to lenth slid over the cable and a dob of solder on the end,
    it fits the slide perfectly,im also running the "j slot" cleaner so you don't really see the carb...it runs a whole lot better than the linkert, and at $130ish is a whole lot less,
    the throttle cable you will find is trial and error fitting....
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  • Shane G Posts: 2
    Stock Poster Shane G
    13 Oct 2017 05:36 PM
    thanks bacchus that help out a lot i will see if I can do something similar with the original wire
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