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  • getwilder@bigpond.com Posts: 6
    Stock Poster getwilder@bigpond.com
    11 Dec 2017 09:22 PM
    Gday fellas, i'm thinking i want to change bars 0n my 2015 street glide, nothing outrageous probably just 10 inch. Does anyone know of any Aussie makers/distributers or am i going to have to import them. Really like the Yaffe monkey bars and KST mayhems.

  • Steve L Posts: 1248
    Gold Coast
    Performance Poster Steve L
    12 Dec 2017 03:05 PM
    You can get Wild 1 bars locally or if you have lots of money Burly bars on the Gold Coast probably have them. One thing to be mindful of is the pullback when ordering bars. I had KST Mayhems on my last SG but they had bugger all pullback which is no good if you are short like me. If 6' or close they would probably be okay. Another thing to be aware of is that 10" bars will mean you lose the use of the mirrors and you will have to run some off the bars. I have 12.5 Wild 1 chubby apes and can still use the factory mirrors. Harley have their own bars as well but they also have sfa pullback.
  • getwilder@bigpond.com Posts: 6
    Stock Poster getwilder@bigpond.com
    13 Dec 2017 07:14 AM
    Thanks for the info Steve...
  • STEAMER Posts: 297
    East Coast Oz
    Stage 1 Poster STEAMER
    15 Dec 2017 12:14 PM
    Posted by getwilder@bigpond.com on 13 Dec 2017 07:14 AM
    Thanks for the info Steve...

     Rollies in Brissy are distributor for Wild 1 chubby bars. Can see the range on Rollies website

  • Rocket.67 Posts: 1
    Stock Poster Rocket.67
    14 Apr 2018 09:50 AM
    yeah they are different, but thanks for the offer..
  • Chaser Posts: 228
    Stock Poster Chaser
    15 Apr 2018 07:17 PM
    Every 'man and his dog' makes 1 1/4" thick bars.....and personally I think they look pretty average. I found a company in the US that do 1 1/2" bars - Vindikta Bagger bars. Awesome quality and great to deal with.  Google them!
  • Spencer72 Posts: 49
    Stock Poster Spencer72
    15 Apr 2018 08:13 PM
    These are my Wild 1 Chubby's on 2014 RKC. Love them.HD Forums Australia - RK 2.jpg

    HD Forums Australia - RK 3.jpg

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