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  • Roo Ted Posts: 492
    Stage 1 Poster Roo Ted
    02 Mar 2018 01:18 AM

    A lap around the Tamar valley last Sunday with a stop at Wings & Things car, plane & bike show. Turns out the bike show was in the carpark.....

    Fuellin' up.

    HD Forums Australia - 20180225_104250.jpg
    At the show.....
    HD Forums Australia - 20180225_122526.jpg
    A tidy Crossbones.
    HD Forums Australia - 20180225_132304.jpg
    And a wild Hog.......
    HD Forums Australia - 20180225_104154.jpg

  • bobby bob Posts: 636
    Performance Poster bobby bob
    02 Mar 2018 10:30 AM
    did ya get may Kookaburras?
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