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  • 2015 Breakout Posts: 59
    Stock Poster 2015 Breakout
    16 May 2018 02:51 PM

    hi all ,

    Can anyone recommend a good place to stay overnight around the Kiama area ? prefer somewhere where we could lock up our bikes for the night .  

    thanks .

  • DocGreen Posts: 182
    Illawarra NSW
    Stock Poster DocGreen
    16 May 2018 09:19 PM
    hey mate, if you're heading past Kiama, turn off the Freeway and head into Jamberoo (Kiama is very scenic and worth looking at, but too busy) ~ 15mins and beautiful country side, nice and twisty. Jamberoo Pub is a nice country Pub, the publican - Jamie is a top bloke. They have accommodation, meals and cold beer, most w/ends have live music - but I recommend booking early, unsure of lock up parking but it's a pretty quite place especially midweek so don't think its a problem.
    Not knowing you're direction or destination, if you have the time then head out of Jamberoo and go up Jamberoo Mountain - tight, twisty, narrow and sometimes slippery but beautiful, just take it easy, then across the top (awesome view over the Illawarrra along the way - look out for the sign) to Robertson - the pie shop across from the T intersection at the end of the road sells some nice pies (regular haunt for myself) and then down Macquarie Pass, which is one of my favourite rides, up or down - be mindful of police as they do frequent the area, but usually ok. There is only one section of road  that has double lanes just past the 2nd hairpin coming down - take advantage of it :)
    If you need to punch on North, then keep on going through Jamberoo towards Albion Park which is still a good ride and join back on to the Freeway at Albion Park Rail.
  • 2015 Breakout Posts: 59
    Stock Poster 2015 Breakout
    21 May 2018 01:58 PM

    legend , thanks Doc .

    after Kiama we are heading south along the coast then into Cooma , but your ride sounds awesome !

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