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  • friday Posts: 95
    Stock Poster friday
    13 Jun 2018 06:13 AM
    this site has got amazing motorcycles , cars etc
    theres youtube of this guy driving cars hes made , does the speed limit in the usa ......... 99mph if thats legal .


    39 chev frikin awesome , little "body by fisher" badge by the door


  • brucefxdl Posts: 876
    south west victoria
    Performance Poster brucefxdl
    13 Jun 2018 07:37 PM
    thanks friday,was a good watch.attention to detail is excellent.
  • imoo6170 Posts: 495
    Stage 1 Poster imoo6170
    14 Jun 2018 09:16 AM
    Wow - what a craftsman !!! Looks fantastic beside the RAM pickup and horse float
  • colster3 Posts: 9
    Stock Poster colster3
    14 Jun 2018 12:52 PM
    Thanks Friday!

    What excellent craftsmanship!
  • friday Posts: 95
    Stock Poster friday
    14 Jun 2018 04:28 PM
    I dunno what the hell Im doing but I myself cant click on the link so Im guessing you guys had to cut n paste the link or something

    = sorry about if thats the case

    but when you do get to youtube check out all his cars , the guy is amazing and he puts serious milage on them too

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