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  • Mikey93 Posts: 3
    Stock Poster Mikey93
    26 Jun 2018 11:23 AM
    Hey guys, first post on this forum.

    I rode my mates 2017 nightrod last saturday and it was the BEST 10 minutes of my life, it definitely reinforced my interest in getting one of my own.

    1) What is too many kms to buy 2nd hand?
    (Also how many kms are they expected to run if looked after)

    2) It would most likely only be a weekend rider, but are they okay for daily commuters?

    3) What is too old? I rode the 2017 but is the technology/handling super different between each year? 

    Would love some feedback/guidance? 

    - Mike

  • Hudson76 Posts: 191
    Stock Poster Hudson76
    26 Jun 2018 09:46 PM
    Hi Mike,

    It’s surprising how great these bikes are when you ride them and get an appreciation for what they can do, for a big heavy cruiser. (Sorry this reply got longer than I intended.)

    Point 1) Firstly like most bikes, it’s not really the amount of K’s that count but how it’s been treated/looked after.
    When I purchased my 2015 Muscle (VRSCF) about a year ago I test rode a Night Rod Special before the one I purchased. They were from the same dealer. The advert for the Night Rod read “2016 model, 9,000ish K’s, new tyres, slip on cans, etc. etc.”
    When I got there, after ringing the day before to confirm a test ride, I was greeted by a bike that had a flat battery, no fobs, and had clearly been left out in the weather. Anything alloy, like the foot pegs and some brackets had obviously been left with water sitting on them and had earlier signs of corrosion. The Matte black paint had patches of “off colour”, again I believe due to exposure to the elements.
    I had already read somewhere else that one might expect to get around 15,000 to 20,000 K’s out of the standard tyres on these things, so I was curious as to why it would have “new tyres front and rear” at 9,000. I inspected the rear wheel arch and you guessed it, sign of rubber left under the guard from burnouts. There was no service history, the dealer could tell me anything about the bike, (bought at auctions two weeks before hand) and the clutch up take felt funny too.
    I still persisted to have a test ride, as soon as I rode it away from the dealer I could feel a harsh vibration in the engine, nearly like a slight misfire, that was not present in another V rod I had ridden.
    After 30 minutes on this thing I returned to the deal and just shook my head at him.
    I then test rode the only other V rod he had, a 2015 Muscle with stand pipes, 22,500 K’s, new tyres, one owner, (perfect) service history and the reason the owner had traded was to buy a brand new “Muscle” exactly the same, but the last (most recent) model due to them being discontinued.
    After riding this thing for 5 minutes I knew I would buy it. And I did.

    Sorry this was quite long winded but I just wanted to accurately articulate my point.
    I also have a buddy who has a 2012 VRSCF who has been drag racing it since 60,000 K’s.
    He now has just over 100,000 K’s on it, with SE stage 2 cams, higher comp pistons, custom tuned length exhaust and a bucket load of cash and time invested in t proper tune for the mods/intended use. It has a stand bottom end and regularly sees 10,000 rpm when on the strip. He religiously changes oil and filter at 5,000K’s, with good quality mineral oil, (Penrite). This thing will likely go another 100,000 K’s before it needs a rebuild.

    Point 2) I frequently ride to work, which used to be a 40 minute ride, but is now only 20 minutes due to moving closer. But I have also ridden it interstate on three separate occasions, racking up between 500-600 k’s per day, without be any more stiff or sore than I would on any bike. Main down side is they do chew the juice unless babied. So you’ll be stopping for fuel every 200-220 k’s. Also they do consume a bit of oil, particularly if ridden how they make you want to ride them, E.I. frequently in the higher end of the tacho. My bike goes through about 300 ml over the three day interstate trip of approximately 1500 K’s. This is with a mix of trundling through towns at 50 k/h, highway “cruising” at about a $1.30 and the occasional squirt to …… faster than I care to put in print. LOL. This is a well-documented thing with the ‘Rods and nothing to be concerned about, just be aware of it.

    Point 3) From about 2012 on words there is not much difference in technology or mechanical spec. Power etc. is near identical from model to model. Some later model bikes come with things, like ABS, that were options on the earlier bikes and are now standard. Some colours were only available in certain year models too.

    I stepped off a softail onto the V Rod and loved the bike ever since I test rode one when my Softail was in my local dealers for a major service.

    I've added a Power Vision, running "topless" (google it) with a SE air filter. The only other mechanical mod I'm doing is a 2-1 exhaust in a few months, after we buy the missus a new bike. As far as mechanical mods go, these bikes come from the factory running very lean, any change to air intake or exhaust should be matched with fuel adjustment/tune. This is one of the reasons I went with a Power Vision tune. It can return the bike via a re-flash of the computer over and over and over again.

    Hope this helps. You also may want to check out 1130cc.com. Lots of good stuff there about the VRSC bikes.

    Happy riding.

  • steelo Posts: 2187
    Motor Head steelo
    27 Jun 2018 08:56 AM
    Good on you H76. That's a great, informative and helpful answer for a new member.. Good man.
  • Mikey93 Posts: 3
    Stock Poster Mikey93
    28 Jun 2018 08:19 PM
    Thank you so much for the very informative reply. Really appreciated!

    I still have a bit of saving to do but now i have a better idea of what im looking for when I do have the cash.

    Thank you!

    - Mike
  • Hudson76 Posts: 191
    Stock Poster Hudson76
    19 Jul 2018 08:35 PM
    Quoting steelo on 27 Jun 2018 08:56 AM
    Good on you H76. That's a great, informative and helpful answer for a new member.. Good man.
    Aww shucks Steelo, thanks.

    Hopefully you didn't mark me on my spelling or grammar.......
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