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  • Odin Posts: 317
    South Australia
    Stage 1 Poster Odin
    28 Jul 2018 02:57 PM
    this is my first product review, so be kind.
    Installed new Nitron shocks on my 2016 Street Glide about 6 weeks ago and finally got out today to give them a test. Made the decision several months ago to upgrade the rear shocks and after many hours of internet searching decided to go with Suspension R Us in Melbourne who supplied the the new Nitron shocks. It was a 5 week wait while they were built to suit my weight and my riding style. I have only done about 200km on them and have to say the bike is much smoother and better in corners, so cant wait until they have a few thousand on them. 
    Yes you probably can buy much more expensive shocks ( Ohlins ), mine cost $1100 and are Ohlins any better? well that is up to the rider to make that decision. For the money that I paid I am extremely happy with the end result and would recommend them. The shocks can be rebuilt if need be.

    cheers All 
  • Baloffski Posts: 1599
    Motor Head Baloffski
    28 Jul 2018 04:40 PM
    Hey od, thanks for the review, all information is cool man. $1100 in this day and age is not too bad at all. I"d say they bed in after time, and let"s face it HD std. Shockers are fairly ordinary. Good stuff.
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