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  • Roo Ted Posts: 566
    Performance Poster Roo Ted
    01 Aug 2018 07:20 PM

    I think the idea is so you can ride your 350 Chev powered BSA Bantam to the odd show here & there cos you really don't want to use it as an every day commuter, and hopefully pay half the rego you would otherwise.

    Particularly good for those with multiple vehicles which only come out occasionally.

  • perthhog Posts: 1647
    Motor Head perthhog
    15 Aug 2018 10:38 AM
    Bloody oth   I’ve been paying full regos for years for my dust collection of toys and it sucks when you  know
    You will do more km in a week in your daily’s  than a year in them  so yep  have  done and wife has posted it 
    On facefuc  and every one I know who has dust queens,projects has signed it and forwarded on  hope it goes through 
    It’s been well over due   Not every one wants to join wanky car clubs to have cheaper but super restricted regos 
    I wouldn’t even mind having a log book  for them if it meant cheaper rego on my toys 
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