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  • Steve L Posts: 1338
    Gold Coast
    Performance Poster Steve L
    09 Aug 2018 06:47 PM
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    Joe the owner and tech really knows his stuff when it comes to suspension. He does this fulltime and works with many race bikes. He did the suspension in my Glide and it improved the ride and handling a lot. 
    I have just had the forks painted in black 2 pac and lost a bit of fork oil ( rookie mistake ) . I rang Joe and told him what I'd done and also wanted to stiffen the front a bit after fitting the fat front wheel. I called in this afternoon and even though he was working on another bike he offered to do my forks straight away. It only took him about 15 to 20 minutes to sort them out and he wouldn't take any money off me for the service. 
  • Odin Posts: 318
    South Australia
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    09 Aug 2018 07:07 PM
    that is true service which is lacking in a lot of places these days
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