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  • FATBOB2012 Posts: 11
    Stock Poster FATBOB2012
    10 Aug 2018 08:37 PM
    Can anyone recommend a 2” tank lift kit for a 2012 FXDF?
  • Lowrider762 Posts: 40
    Stock Poster Lowrider762
    16 Aug 2018 09:06 AM
    Look at Deadbeat Customs I purchased a 2" tank lift kit from them. Good rates and prompt shipping. Great product
  • DJP_120ci Posts: 149
    Stock Poster DJP_120ci
    16 Aug 2018 12:07 PM
    If your just looking to raise the front of the tank, send me a PM, I have a kit here I’m not using, we can work something out. 

  • Ratbob Posts: 466
    Adelaide Hills
    Stage 1 Poster Ratbob
    01 Sep 2018 09:17 AM
    Have you done the tank lift? Post some pics, would like to see the affect. 
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