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  • Ken in Cairns Posts: 262
    Cairns FNQ
    Stage 1 Poster Ken in Cairns
    29 Sep 2018 10:07 AM
    Ok Steamer, another one for August, meet up in Emerald.
    Well I can do Qantas and you can do the stockmans hall of fame. :)

    We are all getting older Beefa :(
    That's why we were thinking 600 or so kn per day. That isn't to bad when split into 4 stints.

    Cheers Ken 
  • B0GN Posts: 305
    South Oz
    Stage 1 Poster B0GN
    29 Oct 2018 07:31 AM
    Gday Steve. 

    I dipped out for a little while but have been back now and again ;-)  I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I’m not fussed on dates, I’m pretty flexible. 
  • stevo fxsb Posts: 124
    West of Brisvegas
    Stock Poster stevo fxsb
    28 Nov 2018 01:06 AM
    Hi All
    Been busy with work! Would appear the go month is AUGUST 2019 (date to be confirmed). So for those who are interested, can we get some starting locations, I know some from up north QLD and some from south and others I'm not to sure? The purpose being a starting point/s and meeting point prior to crossing into NT. Happy to do the Longreach gig!
    My suggestion, for those in the south we meet in Toowoomba and meet the northern folk in Emerald, or we take the coast road north, meet in Rockhampton and head as a group from there????

    Above all up for comment, but please list your start position first. I'm Brisbane.

    Cheers and Beers

  • B0GN Posts: 305
    South Oz
    Stage 1 Poster B0GN
    28 Nov 2018 02:24 AM
    As with most of my plans, I’m probably not gonna be able to commit until late but it sounds like it’ll be great to do. Fingers are crossed here in SA :-)
  • Benno Posts: 148
    Brisbane Qld
    Stock Poster Benno
    28 Nov 2018 08:15 AM
    I am pretty sure that I will be able to make it, screw the coast road, keen to go out the back on the way to meet up with the lads from up north, I am in Brisbane.
  • wadewilson Posts: 11
    Stock Poster wadewilson
    29 Nov 2018 09:50 AM

     Keeping an eye on this. Am keen to go but leaving from Adelaide. Throwing around the idea that I may ride up to Rocky and do a loop out to the rock then head back south straight to Adelaide. Grew up in CQ and always said "Happiness is Rocky in your rear view mirror".

    Any one else from SA up for a ride in the country?

  • Ken in Cairns Posts: 262
    Cairns FNQ
    Stage 1 Poster Ken in Cairns
    29 Nov 2018 10:48 AM
    Stay off the crappy coast road, go via the inland bilo emerald way, it is soooo much better.
    I can add on a bit off distance and hook up at Emerald.
    Hoping to have the new suspension done and dusted by then :)
    Cheers Ken 
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