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  • paulybronco Posts: 11274
    Forum Legend paulybronco
    21 Aug 2018 12:22 PM
    Just put on a new  American Dunlop Touring Elite tyre on the front. A much better feel than the previous tyre due to the profile being more rounded. Early days yet but good initial feel
  • mickle Posts: 1960
    Meadow Heights Victoria
    Motor Head mickle
    21 Aug 2018 12:48 PM
    Good choice.
  • paulybronco Posts: 11274
    Forum Legend paulybronco
    21 Aug 2018 01:11 PM
    Quoting mickle on 21 Aug 2018 12:48 PM
    Good choice.
    Could not be worse than my prior tyre! 
  • Ken in Cairns Posts: 321
    Cairns FNQ
    Stage 1 Poster Ken in Cairns
    21 Aug 2018 03:00 PM
    Anyone tried thr Bridgestone Battle cruise tyre ?
  • DocGreen Posts: 260
    Illawarra NSW
    Stage 1 Poster DocGreen
    21 Aug 2018 08:37 PM
    just purchased a pair of Avon venoms for the streetglide to replace the standard dunlops, haven't fitted them yet but will be doing the map of Tassie very soon and will have them fitted prior to departure so will give some feedback on return.

     I used them on my old Fatboy and liked them, hopefully don't cup as quick or bad as the dunlops.

  • Baloffski Posts: 1599
    Motor Head Baloffski
    22 Aug 2018 06:42 PM
    Recently gave my ride, Bike that is, a make over, besides new clutch, new stuff,  new tyres
    New front tyre is Michelin Commander and rear the Dunlop American Elite new, still with pimpils.
    I too, will let you know my thoughts.
  • brucefxdl Posts: 1019
    south west victoria
    Performance Poster brucefxdl
    22 Aug 2018 09:27 PM
    have had commander 2's on a dyna [ f/r] for 3000km now and had a good ride in the wet sunday,cant compare to 401 dunlops which were as slippery as shit and not so good in the wet either.nice feed back from the michelins especially in the wet,now to see how they wear.
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