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  • me_ashman Posts: 140
    Stock Poster me_ashman
    11 Oct 2018 08:10 PM
    I reckon it's just the alarm system... It's power hungry. Either ride your bike more often (not just start it)or completely disconnect the battery until you're gonna ride it. Mine drains in 2 weeks of left connected or if I disconnect the battery lasts easily over a month or 2. 
    Can't compare it to the other bikes I've owned as they all didn't have an alarm system hence they lasted months in storage.

  • Baloffski Posts: 1628
    Motor Head Baloffski
    11 Oct 2018 08:14 PM
    Never had a drama utilising trickle power, except very obvious issue. Regulator or such. Not that dear, for piece of charge.
  • PaulT Posts: 117
    Stock Poster PaulT
    11 Oct 2018 11:22 PM
    I've had a Street bob and a Vrod both in the past with the alarm systems and this never happened to them. Out of the 35 odd bikes Ive owned over the years I've never had this problem. My Triumph Rocket 3 was hard on batteries but that was 18 months or so into the battery's life and it was cranking a 2.3 liter engine.
  • TNT Posts: 346
    Mandurah WA
    Stage 1 Poster TNT
    05 Nov 2018 10:19 PM
    Quoting PaulT on 06 Sep 2018 06:36 PMedited: 06 Sep 2018 06:37 PM
    Hi all, I have a 4 month old Fat boy S as pictured, I jumped on it tonight and the battery was as flat as a tack, it was started the day before yesterday so it hasn't been sitting long. It did this about two months ago and the dealer replaced the battery hoping is was a dud battery, obviously not. The fuel gauge has also shit its self three times and its still not reading right. So the bike has totally let me down (broke down) twice now in as many months. Last time the dealer had it for days and found no problem with the charging system, and of course that'll be the same this time. When do I ask for a replacement bike? this is getting fucking ridiculous.  
    Quoting Far Canal on 06 Sep 2018 07:29 PM
    Forget about asking for a new bike at this stage, it just will not happen.
    Either a fault in the charging or battery condition, or perhaps you are doing something wrong?. It is possible.
    Quoting PaulT on 06 Sep 2018 07:45 PM
    They had it for the same problem couple months ago and found no problem with the charging system. They just replaced the battery, the battery is new the bike is near new.... I'm not doing anything wrong. So in this country you can spend ten of thousands of dollars on a brand new premium vehicle and if its a dud tough shit... you have no recourse?? The dealer can tell you to go fuck yourself? or "buy a battery tender", means the same thing..... That's insanity.....
     Don't be afraid to ask for a new bike because if you don't you'll never know. 
    My mate had issues with a brand new Road Glide and the dealer replaced it. 
    That's why we buy brand new shit so we don't have problems, fuck putting up with that shit mate

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