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    13 Sep 2018 08:43 AM
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    hey, all the penny has finally dropped, I have never been the sharpest tool in the shed and when I asked a forum member some time ago about rims for my bike I was told the 07 fatty came out with an offset front wheel. It's just that I never understood what that meant until yesterday when I looked and saw my front fender not sitting squarely in the middle of the forks. I have been asking about the harsh wear to the RH side of the front tyre and the same answer I get from everyone is the camber of the road. It's just that when I look at other bikes none of them show the same extreme wear as mine. So am I correct in assuming the cause of my wear is a combination of the bike riding up the road like a crab and road camber?  The fact that I was very lucky to have bought an 07 spec bike with this marvellous upgrade was certainly a bonus not. Harley Davidson must be the only bike manufacturer in the world that doesn't centre their front wheel ( the rear is offset too I believe). I have read this is the only year they did this and that the 2018 fatty has had it reintroduced?
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