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  • JFE Posts: 2068
    Motor Head JFE
    06 Oct 2018 01:40 PM
    Saw this in The Australian Newspaper today, page 37.

    AAMI recently approved replacing all new body parts/chassis for a damaged 12 month old Prado, presumably because it was cheaper than replacing the car altogether. Makes you wonder what the owners views are.

    Toyota says they don’t have to honour new car warranty unless repairs conducted by Toyota-approved repairer (it wasn’t). Resale value may be questionable too.

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  • robots Posts: 1206
    Performance Poster robots
    06 Oct 2018 07:04 PM
    "replacement of the whole bodywork onto a new chassis frame"

    just that needs further investigation

    the "client" needs to sit down with a dictionary and the PDS and read it a few times and it will tell them where they stand with insurer/contract.

    the "client" should first be going to AFCA (FOS) unless they have received specific instructions from insurer regarding seeking legal advice.

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