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  • steelo Posts: 2340
    Motor Head steelo
    08 Dec 2018 07:15 PM
    Got the word that TIM S G was organising a ride today so I thought I'd join in. The very popular 6 ferry trip.
    Took the Ultra and met up with Tim and Linda SG on their SG, Graz on his SG, Ash (Softail06) on his soft tail, Ralphski on his turbo Vrod at the BP at Mt Barker. Ralphsky there to pass on his christmas wishes only. The trip on the freeway was wet and miserable but with a forecast of early showers, then fine and 28, figured the weather wouldn't last. Headed off through the hills to Wellington where we crossed ferry 1, on to Tailem Bend and crossed back at Ferry 2. There to Murray bridge and Mannum where we met AndyK on his soft tail and a friend of Tim's on his new BMW.  Still damp. Had a great meal on the deck of the Pretoria Hotel overlooking the river. Graz had plans and headed off another way. Eric did too. Tim, Andy, Ash and I crossed the river at ferry 3, followed the river to Purnong Landing and crossed the river at Ferry 4. From there to Walker Flat ferry 5 to Swan Reach ferry 6 with the skies overcast but dry. Linda took some great pics as we had a bike procession to Sedan. Up over the hill to Keyneton, Eden Valley and a final drink and farewell at Mt Pleasant. From there to our respective homes. Total distance around 400kms of fantastic scenery on a variety of roads. The convey of 3 tourers and 2 soft tails was ably led by Tim so I knew we were in safe hands. Thanks folks for the invite.

    Tip: Don't carry too much, phones, keys and the like in your jacket pocket. It can make you look fat. :-)

    HD Forums Australia - 6 ferry day.jpg

    HD Forums Australia - DSCN1993 (Small).JPG

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    HD Forums Australia - DSCN1999 (Small).JPG

    HD Forums Australia - DSCN2003 (Small).JPG

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    HD Forums Australia - DSCN2020 (Small).JPG

  • Tim S.G. Posts: 4235
    Forum Legend Tim S.G.
    08 Dec 2018 07:35 PM
    Was a great day . Linda on the back taking some good snaps .HD Forums Australia - IMG_0708.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0709.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0711.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0716.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0717.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0718.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0719.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0720.JPG

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0721.JPG
    Where are they ?
    HD Forums Australia - IMG_0722.JPG
    Andy hard pressed following the Tourer
  • Far Canal Posts: 1575
    Motor Head Far Canal
    08 Dec 2018 08:07 PM
    Great shots!.
    I particularly like the ones of the bikes front on, traveling behind.
  • keith Posts: 1752
    Perth West Aust {SOR}
    Motor Head keith
    08 Dec 2018 08:39 PM
    Great pics and sounds like a good ride, couple of familiar faces there, merry xmas boys.
  • Soapbox2627 Posts: 3277
    Whyalla South Australia
    Forum Legend Soapbox2627
    08 Dec 2018 08:58 PM
    cheers for sharing, looks great
  • Wideglider Posts: 547
    Illawarra NSW
    Performance Poster Wideglider
    08 Dec 2018 11:24 PM
    Some good shots there Tim. Photos of riders on bikes in full flight are always so much better.
  • rodders Posts: 5809
    Forum Legend rodders
    08 Dec 2018 11:34 PM
    Funny thing. I'd been humming that song Don't Pay The Ferryman all morning. Perhaps I was there in spirit. 
    Great action pics. Thanks for sharing.
  • B0GN Posts: 344
    South Oz
    Stage 1 Poster B0GN
    09 Dec 2018 04:16 AM
    That looks like a good run with cool pix, too. Yeah, the action shots look great. Something ya don’t see often. 
  • binnsy Posts: 755
    Performance Poster binnsy
    09 Dec 2018 08:41 AM
    Looks like a good ride steelo.  
    Hey is that a bunch of keys in your pocket in one of the pics or you been into those buns again !!!!
  • Humbug Posts: 411
    Stage 1 Poster Humbug
    10 Dec 2018 09:28 AM
    Great photos
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