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  • Scouser Posts: 1873
    Marion, South Australia
    Motor Head Scouser
    30 Dec 2018 03:25 PM
    New EGR fitted by VW for my T5 Multivan was about $1500
    EGR delete including postage from the UK and fitted by local mechanic total $400
    It runs cooler, uses less diesel and now doesnt blow black smoke if I put my foot down!
  • Retroman Posts: 1034
    The far west
    Performance Poster Retroman
    30 Dec 2018 04:12 PM

    Whoooah ! VW prices my goodness !

    This "Nissan Common rail Diesel EGR OFF Module" is as said $129 delivered.

    I probably shoulda fitted it 88,000 K's or 7 years ago FFsake !

    Will post "how it goes" , as the only mod this vehicle ever got was the K&N stock replacement air filter and DIY 5,000 K oil changes.

    This model is "older tech" than the D40 and has no DPF , I researched that from new and stayed away from DPF as long and far as I could !

    Many years ago I was an MOT tester and "Nominated inspector" in the UK annual MOT system.

    Smoke testing for diesels came in there probably 1990 as part of the MOT on any diesel vehicle, so I was acutely aware of potential problems.

  • Scouser Posts: 1873
    Marion, South Australia
    Motor Head Scouser
    30 Dec 2018 06:16 PM
    The only reason I bought my T5 was it was the last model without a DPF

    I wont be buying another!
  • Retroman Posts: 1034
    The far west
    Performance Poster Retroman
    02 Jul 2019 10:05 PM

    6 month on update.

    I did buy and fit "Chip tuning" EGR off module. Had to order specifically to the manufacturer/model/year/engine

    Fairly simple "plug and play" no mechanical intervention at all required. No EGR block off plates or similar.

    Thought I may 'hafta" go down that road , but so far not required 

    Car runs just as well as before but NO black smoke puff on acceleration. The Mrs was well iffy about that "must have been my servicing"..

    Indeed the turbo probably spools up a wee tad quicker , not sure if that's a Placebo but it seems/feels so. Fuel use same or slightly better.

    In truth all I was trying to do was stop the "black puff" that was becoming chronic.

    Now I see others on my morning commute ,black puffing Billies many of them. Tritons the worst , some Hiluxes too ! 

  • JFE Posts: 1740
    Motor Head JFE
    04 Jul 2019 12:19 PM
    Thanks for the update. I still see plenty of Hilux's blowing smoke (burn off) but not for Rangers or others. 
  • perthhog Posts: 1645
    Motor Head perthhog
    10 Jul 2019 01:59 PM
    A mate brought a new 2018 top of the range triton in late 17  and in middle of last year brought one of those. Piggy back
     ECU which claimed to better fuel economy and touch more boost  well he does long trips away  Perth
    Right up north  to go shooting   Any way after his first trip he said yes got more kms than normal 
    Can’t remember the figer but it would pay for it self in  12 mths worth of trips   About 6  up there  but 
    About two months later it now back in a box on the shelf  it started causing issues with speedo / odometer and 
    Dash  and also reckons it started to use oil  so out came back to std ecu  , all issues with dash gone  
    Oil issues settled down as well  , 6 mths on from that though now it’s having trouble selecting 4x4 
    Can take up to 6 km before it in gages  which is what you really want in a 4x4 

  • Retroman Posts: 1034
    The far west
    Performance Poster Retroman
    10 Jul 2019 05:43 PM

    A "mate of a mate" , baby boomer grey nomad , bought a brand spankers top of the line Triton Turbo diesel ute to tow his new you beat caravan round Oz.

    Started giving those kinda problems you mentioned in SA during the rip home to WA

    He had quote "had it chipped" ( don't know which method !) , he took the "chip" off and fronted up at the Mitsubishi dealer pleading ignorance.

    First plug up to the diagnostic he is asked ' Is / was this chipped ?"  He says " what's that etc etc "  feigning ignorance as you would.

    Service manager says " it has been , and it was disconnected yesterday..." End result NO WARRANTY !

    He limps home to WA towing his van , then once home immediately trades it in to the Mitsubishi dealer in Bunbury 250 K's south..

    May be an urban myth of course , but it "sounded" legit.

    My Navara is a 2012 so none of that worry for me ( warranty worry that is !)

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