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  • Hog1 Posts: 28
    Stock Poster Hog1
    20 Dec 2018 07:32 PM
    Got these today for a SGS rear passenger floor Boards 
    Does any one know if there is a left and a right in the kit please ?

    HD Forums Australia - Screenshot_20181220-192426_Samsung Internet.jpg

  • Wideglider Posts: 551
    Performance Poster Wideglider
    20 Dec 2018 08:53 PM
    The two pieces look identical from here. Instructions always come with HD parts, should be easy enough to see anyway once you have parts out next to the bike?

  • paulybronco Posts: 11435
    Forum Legend paulybronco
    20 Dec 2018 09:44 PM
    I had some on my Glide but never thought there was a left or right when i put them on. Took them off as they are a pain in the calf.....you will see what i mean soon!
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