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  • aido Posts: 201
    Stock Poster aido
    24 Feb 2019 02:04 PM
    Great reliable bike, has never let me down. Starts very easy. Matching numbers.Draws a crowd wherever it goes. No show bike, just a good honest runner. $18000. Located in Melbourne HD Forums Australia - FB504585-608B-453A-9F5F-AC42F1FB5E13.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 427678C7-ADD1-4F5F-82B9-8B537321081F.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 66D632BE-AA7A-4EAC-84FC-2BDFE758CFE3.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - BD5F13B8-1C82-49B1-B042-8C292FB35C8E.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 16BECF84-11D7-41A8-8791-2371924CE9DE.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 589CC230-A35D-40A4-B52E-508202C562BA.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - EB859852-EE46-40A5-9A42-85E5FA2DC7F8.jpeg

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    HD Forums Australia - 9E2383CD-9533-409D-9649-ECDC6B9D1EC1.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 25B69283-0A7F-4054-9F18-4252775B598D.jpeg

  • tussuck Posts: 2299
    Motor Head tussuck
    24 Feb 2019 06:25 PM
    Nice, but needs a paint correction to get it to pop.  too many swirls atm.
  • liberator Posts: 207
    Stock Poster liberator
    24 Feb 2019 07:06 PM
     I prefer original paint original condition, however your bike for what it is does look good, shouldn't be too hard to sell, not sure it's $18k good, but yeah, somebody will go for it, good luck,
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