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  • Fxdb2007 Posts: 6
    Stock Poster Fxdb2007
    10 Apr 2019 06:18 PM
    My Street Bob has started showing me an engine light and the above code - I know it stands for intake solenoid open - however I do already have the Terminator doodad on it.

    I have tried a few different resistors from jaycar and no luck so was hoping to purchase another Terminator thing - anyone know where I can get one? I've seen "bigjoechoppers" mentioned on here when I did a forum search but it doesn't appear to be active anymore.

    Alternatively is there anything else that could be causing this light?

  • Grease Monkey Posts: 151
    Stock Poster Grease Monkey
    10 Apr 2019 07:22 PM
    eBay has them, superbike au used to sell them, dunno if they still do or not, worth a look perhaps.HD Forums Australia - Screenshot_20190410-192041.png

  • Fxdb2007 Posts: 6
    Stock Poster Fxdb2007
    11 Apr 2019 07:58 AM
    Thanks mate - didn't think of eBay.

    I know it's not harming anything but it's annoying and kind of embarrassing to ride around with the check engine light on!
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