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  • Wideglider Posts: 971
    Performance Poster Wideglider
    05 Jul 2019 08:54 PM
    Welcome to the forum Hogger.
    Hopefully we can see some pics of your new ride.
  • Bigfella Posts: 79
    Stock Poster Bigfella
    05 Jul 2019 09:19 PM
    Welcome to the forum Hogger
  • Baloffski Posts: 2052
    Motor Head Baloffski
    05 Jul 2019 10:54 PM
    aye Hogger.
    Am guessing ya trying ta download photo?
    I'm just battling my computer, in confuckenverting something from jpg to doc or some such rubbish.
    err sorry..... bloody computers.
    Welcome to the HD Forum and hope you enjoy and get something from the warbling of us warbellers.

  • binnsy Posts: 855
    Performance Poster binnsy
    06 Jul 2019 06:14 PM
  • Ratbob Posts: 1259
    Adelaide Hills
    Performance Poster Ratbob
    06 Jul 2019 07:18 PM
    Hi Hogger welcome to the Mad House man, it's a lovely place.
    Whack up a bike pic as your Avatar.
    Don't use a close up like I did, cheers
  • imoo6170 Posts: 725
    Performance Poster imoo6170
    06 Jul 2019 09:47 PM
    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the new ride
  • HOG63 Posts: 228
    Stock Poster HOG63
    07 Jul 2019 08:08 PM
    Always good to have another Sporty rider here. 

  • Humbug Posts: 605
    Performance Poster Humbug
    08 Jul 2019 07:57 AM
    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your time here. Can be an interesting place at times.
  • Lowrider762 Posts: 63
    Stock Poster Lowrider762
    09 Jul 2019 06:26 AM
    Yes it does sound wrong you sick bastard, anyway welcome to the nut house.:) 
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