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  • PC48Special Posts: 1
    Stock Poster PC48Special
    15 Jul 2019 11:21 AM
    Hello! Just bought my first HD, a Forty Eight Special. It felt like the Evo Sporty engine is a year or two away from oblivion so time was running out and the AMF-derived graphics sold it. Around 600km down the track and it's a ball of fun. After years of BMW airheads I've had a Triumph Street Twin for about a year and that will continue to be used for longer rides. Looking forward to tips from the forum.

    HD Forums Australia - IMG_1504.JPG

  • imoo6170 Posts: 725
    Performance Poster imoo6170
    15 Jul 2019 02:57 PM
    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your new ride
  • Birtyyy Posts: 174
    Sunshine Coast
    Stock Poster Birtyyy
    16 Jul 2019 01:32 PM
    Welcome to the forums mate, not a bad looking way to get onto your first Harley. I'm a big fan of the recent line of graphics too. 

    And I think you're right about the Sportys, I'd be surprised if they stay around in this chassis/engine format for much longer.
  • Ratbob Posts: 1259
    Adelaide Hills
    Performance Poster Ratbob
    16 Jul 2019 08:38 PM
    Hi man, welcome to the mad house. Lots o good info here, enjoy getting out there. Cheers
  • Humbug Posts: 605
    Performance Poster Humbug
    16 Jul 2019 09:08 PM
    Welcome to the forum,hope you enjoy your time here.
  • binnsy Posts: 855
    Performance Poster binnsy
    16 Jul 2019 10:27 PM
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