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  • Birtyyy Posts: 144
    Stock Poster Birtyyy
    19 Jul 2019 09:13 AM
    Don't really want to but I'm thinking about parting ways with my Ironhead project. 72 model with a 79 motor so no wrong side shifting etc.
    Lost all motivation to finish it after sinking way too much money into it.
    It's about 90% complete, not really sure what it's worth but I'm not going to give it away. Has a shitload of new parts in/on it.
    Needs primary to be put back together, hasn't been run with this carb so needs to be tuned, has all new wiring and oil lines run, needs a battery and ignition wired in. Still a bit of work to be done but it's almost all there. Any questions just ask. Located in Melb S/E suburbs.
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  • Ratbob Posts: 1092
    Adelaide Hills
    Performance Poster Ratbob
    19 Jul 2019 09:35 PM
    Hard call man. Such bikes are worth quite a bit but they need to be as close to stock as possible to pull the big bucks. I’ve seen a stock 73 sell for $14k. Unfortunately cut up sporties are not rare and don’t command the $$$.
    You need to set a price and hopefully you’ll find a like minded buyer.
  • Birtyyy Posts: 144
    Stock Poster Birtyyy
    21 Jul 2019 11:07 AM
    Yeh the less original and less complete they are the less valuable, I'd be happy to get half that!

    Thanks for the comments Hogger, more than likely that is what I'll do, just tuck it away in the shed until I've forgotten about the money it owes me and get back into when I feel inspired again. Sounds like you got a bit of enjoyment out of finishing and riding your project bike, I'd be stoked if I can do the same...
  • HOG63 Posts: 179
    Stock Poster HOG63
    21 Jul 2019 01:07 PM
    Don’t forget the Eleventh Commandment:
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