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  • Mr.Mow Posts: 563
    Performance Poster Mr.Mow
    29 Jul 2019 08:08 PM
    I had a booth at this years Malaysian Art of Speed festival, though some of you might get a kick out of the cars on display here.

    HD Forums Australia - 4FDAA6C1-F54B-4152-833A-921E1C015715.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - C387D27B-B57D-42BA-A36D-2444DA2AC757.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - ED5EB153-C451-4CD1-97B0-4DEEEAA5BD77.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - FF18B050-AE89-4D00-A80A-D4217722A131.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - AB174E43-8301-4940-A91F-9534547023C1.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 956CF2A0-ED48-4423-B57F-14CBE8D7416E.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 714F631C-7E58-4631-A8D5-19211D8D39E1.jpeg

  • Ratbob Posts: 1019
    Adelaide Hills
    Performance Poster Ratbob
    29 Jul 2019 08:46 PM
    Doing big things with small vehicles, love it. Thanks for the pics.
  • SONNY D Posts: 402
    Stage 1 Poster SONNY D
    29 Jul 2019 09:25 PM
    theyre big on flares and wrong offset wheels ha ha !!!
  • brucefxdl Posts: 1064
    south west victoria
    Performance Poster brucefxdl
    29 Jul 2019 09:35 PM
    different ,but interesting.if your into fast fours,this would be the place to go to i'd think.
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