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  • Mr.Mow Posts: 577
    Performance Poster Mr.Mow
    06 Oct 2019 12:47 PM
    Here in Yogyakarta for Kustomfest, I just grabbed some quick shots especially for us Australians (mainly because these freaked me a bit!)

    HD Forums Australia - 01A7636A-0EDD-495F-88ED-A91DE19D8751.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - FB4AE1C7-3B7A-41B9-968F-16B0A6C24F05.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 50E1EECC-F86C-4191-95C6-AC2F7A321DBB.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 03046B16-220D-4B3C-A641-BCC3C24FB178.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - AF1594BF-0685-41A4-9B32-04B5C31CD333.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - B990DA1D-3871-4B23-869D-81339E5F2453.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - 37F96429-2F72-4625-B135-0E1B6C034B25.jpeg

  • Baloffski Posts: 1756
    Motor Head Baloffski
    06 Oct 2019 05:18 PM
    Thanks Mr. 
    Wow they like bright, and talk about clean.
    Are they Aussie entrants or locals? As you can see I know nought of this event.
    Yogyakarta still a filthy place? As in disgustingly dirty, papers and shit flying everywhere in the wind.
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