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  • bigfella236 Posts: 137
    Stock Poster bigfella236
    24 Oct 2019 10:44 PM
    alot of pale faces when that goes past
  • Baloffski Posts: 1947
    Motor Head Baloffski
    24 Oct 2019 11:47 PM
    Fuck that engine sounds as though it has the goods, 120 HP stock on the new Pee Pee 106
  • Smokey61 Posts: 772
    Performance Poster Smokey61
    25 Oct 2019 12:44 AM
    I like the styling echos from the original powerplus donk a century ago, they've done well to bring that up to date.

    The Challenger fairing is a little too 'Daft Punk' for my tastes though...
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