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  • me_ashman Posts: 146
    Stock Poster me_ashman
    07 Nov 2019 06:50 PM
    Happy to see old mate "Raptor 13" getting fingered for being a complete mong. Hope he gets a shit desk job. 

    The LECC concluded that Snr Con Murphy was “presently unfit for purpose as a police officer who has any contact with members of the public in his present mode of operation”.


  • Humbug Posts: 504
    Performance Poster Humbug
    08 Nov 2019 08:47 AM
    About time.
  • HOG63 Posts: 161
    Stock Poster HOG63
    09 Nov 2019 02:31 AM
    Great news but unfortunately there’s plenty more just like him. No amount of desk duties will change a racist cop. 
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