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  • BLKFLME Posts: 10
    Adelaide, SA
    Stock Poster BLKFLME
    10 Dec 2019 08:32 PM
    Howdy all, new to the forum after lurking for a bit and finally thought I’d join. Bought a 2014 XL883N in 2015 after years of riding cheaper cruisers and have ‘almost’ finished it. Currently sitting in the shop waiting on a Hammer 1275 kit to be fitted. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

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  • paulybronco Posts: 13493
    Forum Legend paulybronco
    10 Dec 2019 08:33 PM
    Welcome mate, its going to be a ripper
  • Humbug Posts: 652
    Performance Poster Humbug
    11 Dec 2019 07:59 AM
    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your time here. Bikes looking good.
  • BLKFLME Posts: 10
    Adelaide, SA
    Stock Poster BLKFLME
    11 Dec 2019 10:17 PM
    Thanks fellas *thumbs up*
  • Ratbob Posts: 1348
    Adelaide Hills
    Performance Poster Ratbob
    11 Dec 2019 11:18 PM
    Welcome to the mad house man, loving the whitewalls.
  • BLKFLME Posts: 10
    Adelaide, SA
    Stock Poster BLKFLME
    12 Dec 2019 08:47 AM
    Cheers Ratbob. Just had a pair of Avon Cobras pulled off that were about five years old. Only had this set (Avon Cobra Chrome) on for the last few weeks so they are still ultra white (I kinda like when they dull down). Recommend the Cobra’s as they are quiet, grippy and smooth. Longevity was quite good too.
  • binnsy Posts: 874
    Performance Poster binnsy
    13 Dec 2019 09:46 PM
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