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  • Evo Wide Posts: 169
    Stock Poster Evo Wide
    27 Dec 2019 10:49 AM
    After s few days research I have found dealers trying to pass off TC and later filters as suitable for Evo’s saying the new Super Premium 5 is a direct replacement 
    It is not, the Evo has the pump after the filter so it has to allow the thicker oil to pass through, it has to be micron 30 not micron 5
    It also cannot have an anti drain back valve.

    I spoke to one local dealer who said he had loads of Dyna Evo filters in stock and to drive down, I said they are not the sane as Twin Cams, he said they were?
    I gave him the correct part number and he then said its obsolete
    I said good job you have loads in stock then, he hung up.

    I called the other older dealer and they looked up the part number and I have ordered a few and will be here next week
    My part number is 63812-90

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  • John.R Posts: 570
    Performance Poster John.R
    27 Dec 2019 12:38 PM
    Have ran into the same problem, which is why I either get this stuff online or buy from local independents who actually know wtf the difference is and generally have one on the shelf. 

    My local parts desk once asked me what a carb jet was so that explains what I'm working with here LOL

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