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  • stevo fxsb Posts: 180
    West of Brisvegas
    Stock Poster stevo fxsb
    14 Jan 2020 10:17 PM
    Headed toward Cairns via Coroumba, Malanda, Ahterton, Mareeba and down into Cairns! That has to be [apart from the odd roadworks] the best section of road for bikes in all my travels thus far! Overnight in Cairns [night market visit] then headed south via the Gillies Highway [motorcycle nirvana]... even on the Scrapeout! Let a 911 pass me halfway up..he had about 30m on me at the top...two vehicles that handle like shit!! Punched south via Townsville HD [more welcoming than Cairns]. Overnight stop in Ayr, then off to Arlie Beach for morning coffee! Stopped in at Mackay HD to see their shop build with suicide shiftier! Then the long run in 40 degree temps from Sarina to Emu Park....that was the hottest part of the run! O'night at Emu Park pub [note they only have three rooms]. Up into Rocky to meet my Uncle who was visiting from out west...we met at HD Rocky for coffee! Left there at 11:30am and was back in Bris [dodging storms] by 6:30pm...great run!
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  • JFE Posts: 2011
    Motor Head JFE
    15 Jan 2020 08:15 AM
    The Kuranda and Gillies range are some of the best in Oz - I recall they paid extra $$ for a good surface material in the road for Kuranda. On a warm day (which all are bar if it’s raining), it’s worth going up and down a couple of times.
  • Benno Posts: 224
    Brisbane Qld
    Stock Poster Benno
    15 Jan 2020 12:19 PM
    Good stuff Stevo, I did a similar trip in August, but didn't go as far west as you, I went up through Monto then out to Emerald. Great riding up in the Atherton tablelands aye, I hung around up there for 10 days. You certainly done some back to back days, the HD shop in Cairns didn't impress me either. Wanted to buy a new bluetooth for music, I ended up going down to another bike store and buying the same unit that HD had, only cause there lack of interest.
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