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  • wello Posts: 613
    Performance Poster wello
    16 Jan 2020 09:10 AM
    G,day, .. anybody using the sena units out there for intercom purposes , I have the sf4 and sf2 .. both have given me nothing but trouble and continually warn me of low battery , we don’t use them for any other purpose , just intercom . So I’m wondering what I should get out of a full charge , I’m sure they told me around 11 hrs .. I’m lucky if I get 2 hrs from my sf4  .. and low battery warning at random times .. sometimes 20 mins of switching on , sometimes a bit more .. wife’s sf2 gives low battery warning  at slightly longer time but seems to stay on for quite a while , mine is pared to my fone but I don’t use it .. hers is not pared .!
  • Sturgis Posts: 125
    Sydney, West
    Stock Poster Sturgis
    16 Jan 2020 12:18 PM
    I have the HD/Sena units (20s Evo) that pick up the HD infotainment system on the Road Glide. When travelling with mates that have Sena/compatable headsets we pair up for comms.

    They last for a good days ride ie. 8-10 hours. Recently did a 3000km trip to Adelaide and back with a few long days and had 0 problems. 
  • Rivo Posts: 96
    Chiang Rai Thailand
    Stock Poster Rivo
    16 Jan 2020 11:03 PM
    My Sena sf4 once fully charged is good for about 10 x hours, that includes navigation and constant bluetooth music, no intercom.................once low battery warning comes on it is still good for a few hours
  • Soapbox2627 Posts: 3633
    Whyalla South Australia
    Forum Legend Soapbox2627
    16 Jan 2020 11:37 PM
    my S20 will run easy 10 hours, that is music the whole time and intercom with the missus over on her bike, the odd phone call from people that don't know I am on the cruise

    I don't pair it the bike as I don't like the speakers at 115 or my phone to the bike and I don't like the use of the phone maps or data, I'd rather the bike GPS do its job for free
  • wello Posts: 613
    Performance Poster wello
    17 Jan 2020 06:49 AM
    Thanks guys , yeh I was thinking anywhere between 8 and 11 hours depending on usage  but I’m not getting anywhere near that , sena finally got in touch yesterday and I’m to take them in for inspection “ again “ .. : (
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