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  • Softy100 Posts: 9
    Adelaide. South Australia
    Stock Poster Softy100
    09 Mar 2020 04:49 PM

    I have just purchased a 2003 Softail Standard and for whatever reason someone has changed the tank badges for a night train decal. I would like to put it back to original with the anniversary decals and badges. Does anyone know where to get the original decals for the tank? Also I have read that the anniversary engine has something added to the engine crankcase does anyone know what it is?HD Forums Australia - 20200211_161246.jpg

    HD Forums Australia - 20200211_161307.jpg

  • steelo Posts: 2826
    Forum Legend steelo
    09 Mar 2020 06:21 PM
    Hi softy.  The anniversary model has that same little badge thing on the crank case. I’ll get a picture. I wondered about the tank when you posted the photo. My guess is the tank was damaged and he couldn’t get the silver striping which is quite ornate and goes under the clear coat. 
    I have seen anniversary tins for sale off wrecked bikes but not recently. I’ve attached some pics
    HD Forums Australia - C963AA40-52B6-43CF-BAE0-03C77BF31ADA.jpeg

    HD Forums Australia - E0F05249-CE32-4F60-A892-65C3B34E1B6C.jpeg

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  • Evo Posts: 424
    S/E Qld
    Stage 1 Poster Evo
    10 Mar 2020 08:31 AM
    Set for sale on Facebook page, Harley Davidson Buy, Swap & Sell for $600.00.  It's the blue version.
  • steelo Posts: 2826
    Forum Legend steelo
    25 Mar 2020 12:14 PM
    Found a set of original Anniversary tank badges on Gumtree in SA
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