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  • MattyWilson Posts: 2
    Stock Poster MattyWilson
    26 Mar 2020 01:08 PM
    G'day legends, 

    I'm currently building a custom promotional bike for my brewery. First build. Also first post here on hdforums.

    It's a 47 hardtail frame with a John Trease custom shovelhead motor.
    I was informed by the previous owner that the motor is apparently 96ci. (He wasn't the guy who had the engine built unfortunately). 
    This would mean its most likely an 80ci bored out and probably cammed and valved. 
    I haven't removed the heads to verify, only the rocker covers to remove the pushrod tubes for powder coating. 
    The pushrods are too long to remove / reinstall with the rocker covers on.
    I bought the bike not running but it only had a blocked carb, so cleaned that out and its definitely a DEMON of an engine.   

    I'm having trouble identifying the pushrods and lifters that have been installed. 

    I'm also unsure of how to set them back up after painting / powder coating. 


    Pushrod lengths at fully closed (wound-up / un-adjusted) position:
    FE - 274 mm
    FI - 268 mm
    RI - 268 mm
    RE - 271.5 mm

    32 TPI adjustment. 

    I've drained the engine of oil and its been sitting for around a month so I think the hydraulic lifters are bled to their lowest position when I cycle the motor backwards. 
    When setting back up I was going to follow this procedure. 

    1. Base circle for each lifter. (Lifter at lowest position).
    2. Install pushrod and finger tighten to zero lash. 
    3. 32tpi = 3.2 turns to .100" (.03125" per turn/.00520 per flat) down from there.
    4. Check pushrod still rotates by hand. 

    Does that sound right?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    Cheers Legends,
    Matty Wilson. 

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  • Hoodeng Posts: 232
    Stock Poster Hoodeng
    26 Mar 2020 04:03 PM
    That is an Evo style pushrod, they have been made in a myriad of lengths over the years.  You would need to pull the lifer out and get a photo of that to identify it.
    It is not uncommon to build shovel engines where there may be the requirement to install pushrods before heads or rocker boxes are installed, it depends on the combo used.
    If it is an evo lifter/pushrod assy using an oil circuit that would provide it with adequate supply, be aware if the engine has been built with shovel rockers that the oil cup at the top of the rocker needs to be welded shut, also be aware that stock shovel rockers do not have a cross drilling from the spindle bore to the pushrod cup.
  • MattyWilson Posts: 2
    Stock Poster MattyWilson
    26 Mar 2020 04:09 PM
    Thanks or the info Hoodeng!

    The engine has done around 5000kms on it so I think the combination works ok. 

    Do you think my setup procedure looks right for pushrod installion?

    Cheers legend!
  • Hoodeng Posts: 232
    Stock Poster Hoodeng
    26 Mar 2020 04:45 PM
    Your adjustment procedure is fine.
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