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  • sinny Posts: 24
    Stock Poster sinny
    29 Jun 2020 09:31 AM
    Due to COVID it would seem that no local HD dealers have any HD Texture Black Spray cans available

    I have 1x can - and i cant see that being enough to cover my dyna engine in 2 coats. (maybe - but i dont want to get halfway in and find out otherwise)

    I understand there are alternatives like VHT Wrinkle Finish - which is similar to the Harley Wrinkle black paint on the pre-90s bikes, however the texture black is different because its not such a wrinkled finish. Alternatively I could try VHT Matte Black Engine paint.  

    It would be great if someone knows that their local dealer has some of the HD Texture paint or youve been hoarding new cans in your shed - let me know. Cheers. 

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